President Obama Takes Time Out of His Busy Schedule to Record a Silly Video

President Obama is a very busy man.

Very busy.

But he’s not too busy for Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed is very, very important. They make funny videos and cutesy photo lists of things like “cats doing human things” and “10 Most Misunderstood Song Lyrics of All Time.



Conservative pundit George Will who’s normally a very level headed commentator on all things politics doesn’t like this move… not one bit. The President condescending to make a video like this is completely improper for a President – especially one who should be wrapped up in the many, many political scandals that our nation is currently dealing with .



Obama BuzzfeedBret Baier: Meantime, this is a very dangerous time. We have been reporting on it a lot of things happening around the world. The American, Kayla Mueller, the same day she was killed, president Obama made an Obamacare pitch with BuzzFeed…

George Will: Some people think this diminishes the presidency, I certainly hope so because I think the presidency, not this president but the office itself, is too much with us and far too grand and encrusted in royal trappings. But beyond that, what makes this interesting, he is trying to get people to sign up and in 37 states, Chuck mentioned a moment ago, the Supreme Court’s going to be heard from on this and 37 states, they’re signing up to get subsidies through federal exchanges which, by the end of June, may be defunct. So this a small episode leading up to the biggest Supreme Court decision of the year.