President Obama says Don’t Worry about Terrorism – Nothing to See Here


Speaking at the National Counterterrorism Center on Thursday, President Obama told his audience that there were no current, credible threats of terrorism facing our nation today.

“We will not be terrorized. At this moment our intelligence and counterterrorism professionals do not have any specific and credible information about an attack on the homeland. That said, we have to be vigilant.”

He also said something that he’s recently been mocked for saying when he told the audience that we are currently hitting ISIS “harder than ever.”

No, President Obama, we are not worried, we aren’t scared, ISIS doesn’t frighten us. What troubles conservatives, Republicans and most other Americans is that our government seems completely unequipped to deal with the terrorist threat and utterly incompetent in dealing with the things that need to be done.

A CNN/ORC poll published the same day as USA Today’s “fear-monger” editorial found 53 percent of Americans support sending ground troops to fight ISIS. That was a 7-point increase from last month…

Americans aren’t afraid of Muslims, they are fighting mad at ISIS. They are angry at the loss of life in San Bernardino and Paris and they are sickened by the wanton brutality on display in ISIS propaganda videos. Let’s recall that we’ve seen multiple beheadings of Christians, burning a captive prisoner alive and the routine sexual slavery of young girls. Given the provocation, it’s surprising only 75 percent of Republicans want to send troops.

Another finding in that CNN poll is that 64 percent of the country disapproves of how President Obama is handling ISIS. Here again there was a wide partisan split with the President getting just 7 percent approval from Republicans versus 63 percent approval from Democrats.

President Obama has seemed increasingly ill-suited to the recent shift in the public’s mood… 

To sum up, half the country thinks President is doing a poor job in projecting American power to deal with ISIS.