President Obama Causes International Uproar with Disrespect

President Obama has managed to cause a huge international incident by disrespecting all of France!

Okay, so maybe the French are being a overly sensitive… but this should have been something that the man who believes he can fix everything should have seen coming?

President Obama was in Normandy last week for the D-Day Memorial Celebration. He did a great job making a lot of French people upset when he was caught during the ceremony, mid-faux pas, chewing his gum LIKE A COW.


Needless to say, the French took the opportunity to be outraged.


Maybe next time the President goes to a Muslim country he can get caught on camera eating bacon or drawing Mohammed? Or when he goes to China he could make some racist Chinese eyes? Or when in India make an off-color comment about convenience stores? Whaddaya think?


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