Pregnant Woman Attacked “Knockout Game” Cited

Liberals keep trying to pretend like the ‘knockout game” is something that racist conservatives have dreamed up in an effort to slander inner city communities.

Sadly, there continues to be fresh evidence that the “game” is real, and that it is happening with terrifying frequency.

The most recent attack happened in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. The victim was 34 year-old Jannatul Ferdous who happens to also be 6 months pregnant.

You can see the unprovoked and heartless attack here:

The poor woman was knocked unconscious in the attack. Fortunately, she and her unborn child are in good health and there doesn’t seem to be any permanent damage to either victim.

The police were able to track down here attacker just a few blocks away. He was arrested and charged with assault.

Cops believe the attack could be connected to the “knockout game,” in which criminals try to punch their victims unconscious with a single blow. The attack appeared to be random and officers believe Stephens did not know his victim, sources said.