Post-Election Figures Show Real Condition of America’s People

In the short span of time since the election earlier this month new figures have been released on the condition of America’s people that paint a darker and bleaker picture than what we already knew to be real. It’s no surprise that the real figures were hidden and delayed from the general public until after the election in an obvious attempt to protect Barack Obama.

One report that was delayed until after the election was recently issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics on the amount of people receiving food stamps. The report revealed that there were 420,947 more people receiving food stamps in August than there was in July, bringing the total number of Americans receiving food stamps to 47.1 million, an all-time record high. This was also the largest monthly increase in one year.

The report also indicated that from December 2007 through August 2012 that 4.6 million jobs have been lost and during this time 21.2 million Americans started receiving food stamps and disability. Since Barack Obama became president the amount of people receiving food stamps has almost doubled what it was beforehand. Yet Obama and fellow Democrats tried to convince America that his economic policies were working and America was recovering.

On Wednesday of this week, the Census Bureau released a report that gave revised figures on America’s poverty level. According to that report there are now 49.7 million Americans living at or below the official poverty level, or 16% of our nation’s population. This is an all-time high that coincides with the all-time high for people receiving food stamps.

What I don’t understand is that the poverty level for Hispanics has climbed to 28% and yet they still overwhelmingly supported Obama in the election. Under Obama more Hispanics joined the ranks of poverty than under any other president in history.  They come here to escape the poverty of their homelands only to end up in the poverty of this land.

States that rank the highest in poverty levels include California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico, Mississippi and Louisiana. These are also the states that have the greatest influx of Hispanics both legal and illegal.

If the next four years are anything like the last four, we will see these rates continue to skyrocket and continue to eat away at middle-class America. In the America that we knew, Obamanomics is a failure. However, in the world of socialism and Marxism in which Obama has been well schooled, Obamanomics is working perfectly toward the goal of establishing a socialistic America.