Popular Children’s Book Omits Israel From Map

Ever since Abraham sent his servant Hagar and her son Ishmael away in Genesis 21:14, there has been animosity and jealousy between Hebrews (Jews) and Arabs (Muslims).  Hagar was Egyptian and to this day the Egyptians and the rest of the Muslim world would like nothing better than to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

In fact, a number of Egyptian books do not show Israel on their maps and evidently a popular international publisher of children’s books agrees with the Egyptians and other Muslims.  Headquartered in New York City, Scholastic Inc. claims to be the largest publisher of children’s books there is.  According to their website:

“Scholastic is the largest publisher and distributor of children’s books and related products to home and school. Scholastic’s Children’s Book Publishing and Distribution business is comprised of Trade, school-based Book Fairs and Book Clubs, as well as Spanish Publishing and Distribution.”

One of their many books is Thea Stilton and the Blue Scarab Hunt which is part of the series of the Geronimo Stilton adventure books for kids.  This edition of the series takes place in modern Egypt where the title characters are in search hidden treasure.  On one of the pages of the book is a colored map of the area with notable exception.

Adina Golombek, now living in Jerusalem was reading the book to her 7 year old son when she discovered that the country of Israel was missing from the map.  Speaking to the Times of Israel, she said:

“I wanted to show my son where we lived in the Middle East, but it didn’t say Israel on the map; instead it said Jordan.  I showed him the problem and drew in the border of where Israel is today.”

The map shows Egypt, Jordan, Libya and Saudi Arabia, but no Israel.  The country of Jordan was shown in red and included not only Jordan but all of Israel also.  Looking at the map it seems quite obvious that the omission of Israel was intentional on the part of the illustrator.

There is no telling how many copies of the book have been sold and how many children around the world have seen and been indoctrinated by the discriminatory map.  When the issue was brought to the attention of Scholastic, they sloughed it off saying it was just an error and that they would stop all sales of book until they could correct the mistake and republish it.

I’ve been involved in the writing and proofing of a number of books and do not believe that such an omission of Israel from the map was just a mistake.  In the proofing that I’ve been a part of, the text, graphics and illustrations went through several different people to be proofed and checked for any mistakes and I would guess that a large company like Scholastic would follow similar procedures.

The only thing that Scholastic is sorry for is that they got caught publishing an anti-Semitic children’s book.

This should be a warning to all parents to carefully check the books and other materials you get for your kids.  I’ve seen children’s books in libraries and schools that promote homosexuality, Islam, pornography, pedophilia, incest, promiscuous sex, extra-marital sex, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, and anti-American ideologies.  These books can have a larger impact on your kids than you realize and there are a number of unscrupulous authors and publishers that produce this filth for the sole purpose of brainwashing your children.  Like it or not parents, it’s your responsibility for what your children read, watch and listen to.  If you don’t screen these things, then don’t be surprised at some of the things they do and say.