Polyamory: The Next Step After Legalizing Same Sex Marriages

A number of conservatives including myself warned that once same-sex marriages became legal and acceptable that things like polygamy and pedophilia would follow in their quest to be accepted.  However, there is another scenario that seems to be rising in the wake of same-sex marriage and that is something known as polyamory.

According to Dictionary.com, polyamory is ‘participation in multiple and simultaneous loving or sexual relationships.’  The definition to a growing number of people is ‘having simultaneous close emotional relationships with two or more other individuals.’

In the case of Billy and Melissa Holder, it means having a third partner share in their marital relationship and that partner is Jeremy Mullins.  They began promoting their polyamory lifestyle recently at Atlanta’s Pride Parade.

One of the floats had a little blonde girl riding on it that happened to be the Billy and Melissa’s daughter.  Billy walked next to the float, handing out flyers to everyone along the parade route, promoting their polyamory lifestyle.  Melissa and Jeremy walked nearby carrying a banner reading Atlanta Poly Paradise.

When asked, Billy Holder replied:

“We’re not trying to say that monogamy is bad.  We’re trying to promote the fact that everyone has a right to develop a relationship structure that works for them.”

They say it takes work to keep a polyamory or poly relationship going.  They face things like jealousy and social disapproval from family, friends and almost anyone that finds out.  But, their numbers are growing and now that other perversions are becoming acceptable, they are starting to come out of their crowded closets and asking to be accepted also.

It reminds me of the 1960’s saying, ‘if it feels good, do it.’  It doesn’t matter what the moral standards are, as long as everyone is consenting, what the heck.  But that philosophy can then be used to justify pedophilia, incest, polygamy, even sex with animals and anything they could possibly think of.  If you think America has become a nation full of hedonistic perverts, just wait.  As the polys, pedophiles and others start pushing for their acceptance, today’s America will look fairly tame and our once Christian nation will be far worse that Sodom and Gomorrah.