Polls Indicate That Pro-Abortion People are Killing Themselves Off

The pro-life bill in Texas passed the House on Wednesday, in spite of it being met with much opposition. Conservative bloggers used the “Hail, Satan” chanters as a springboard for many of their articles, suggesting what we had suspected all along; that liberalism is a sick cult, and abortion their sacrament.

In response, pro-abort supporters insisted that either these chanters were being ironic or that these protesters were actually pro-life plants trying to discredit the pro-abortion people. Then, it was found out that many of these “protesters” were paid by Planned Parenthood to show up and pretend to be outraged. I guess they had to pay people, because there just weren’t enough “real” abortion activists to show up on their own volition.

That would make sense, because a couple of recent polls show that there is a shift in opinion from “pro-choice” to pro-life. From Breitbart:

“The survey of 1,000 likely voters finds that 46 percent of those polled now consider themselves to be pro-choice, the lowest outcome in three years of regular polling. Results indicate that 43 percent say they are pro-life, which matches the highest outcome to date. Eleven percent say they are undecided. Similarly, a recent Gallup poll indicates that more Americans regard themselves as pro-life than pro-choice. That survey found that 48 percent of Americans say they are pro-life, while 45 percent say they are pro-choice.”

If you take it back to 1995, Gallup showed that 56% of respondents considered themselves pro-choice, and only 33% considered themselves pro-life.

Assuming that these polls can be even remotely trusted (which I know is going out on a limb), are people’s opinions really changing that much, or is it that the pro-abortion crowd is slowly dwindling because they’re literally killing themselves off through abortion? All those people back in the 90’s, when public favorability for abortion was at its peak, may have had a couple kids themselves (if any), and those kids would have more than likely grown up thinking that abortion was the “rightful remedy” to an unwanted or unexpected pregnancy. So abortions continued mostly by those who (obviously) supported abortion “rights.” And all those who were pro-life continued having more kids and raising them to be pro-life (for the most part).

Abortion might be a way to lower the population to a more “manageable” level, but its unintended consequence is, given that it will continue at its current rate, that pro-life people will someday outnumber those who favor abortion “rights.” Then what? We’ll have a smaller population, the majority of whom would want to outlaw abortion. And since liberals are all about majority rule and “might makes right” and all that, they should have no problem with a pro-life majority deciding to treat abortion as it would any other murder.