Poll Worker Imprisoned for Voter Fraud Honored by Local Democrats upon Early Release

I live in northern Kentucky, about 20 minutes south of Cincinnati.  Consequently, all of our local news is from Cincinnati.  We hear all about Ohio politics, their very own Speaker of the House John Boehner and how great the Democrats are.  The city of Cincinnati has been run by liberal Democrats long before I moved into the area in 1996.  Whenever President George Bush or candidate Mitt Romney came to town, all you heard about on the news was how disruptive their visits are to local traffic.  When Obama came to town, they couldn’t be happier.

It’s really sad how biased they are because just south of the river in Boone County, where I live, the area is predominately conservative Republican.  Most of the people here don’t share the same enthusiasm and blind loyalty to the liberal socialists of the Democratic Party.

One thing we heard a lot about on the news was how stupid bigoted Republicans were trying to discriminate against blacks and poor people by trying to require voter ID in Ohio in order to prevent voter fraud.  In the news, you would think that preventing voter fraud was worse than stealing lollipops out of the mouths of babies. Ohio Republicans also tried to pass an anti-voter fraud bill that would require someone to have a permanent address in order to register to vote, but again, they were labeled as racists and discriminatory.  Ohio’s Dems managed to prevent both bills from passing and becoming law.  The Dem’s also kept saying that there is no voter fraud taking place in the state.

Oh really?  I still find it highly questionable that over 100 precincts in Cleveland reported 100% of the votes going to Barack Obama and not a single vote was cast for Romney.  The statistical odds of that happening are almost zero.

But let me introduce you to Melowese Richardson.  She had been a precinct official since 1988.  Her job is to register voters and make sure that elections are carried out smoothly and honestly.  After the 2012 election, she admitted to voting for Barack Obama more than two times.  Not only in 2012, but she also voted at least twice in 2008.  I recall seeing one of her interviews where she said that Obama deserved to be president because he was black.  Oh yeah, Richardson is also black and a liberal Democrat.

Richardson was investigated and it was discovered that ever since her sister entered into a coma in 2003, Richardson has voted for her sister.  She also voter for a brother, a granddaughter and others.  One report stated that she may have voted for as many as 6 or more people.  She also voted by absentee ballot and then voted at the polls because she wanted to make sure that her vote counted.

Richardson faced up to 19 counts of voter fraud and many years in prison.  When all was said and done, she was only convicted of several counts of voter fraud involving just the 2012 election.  Her convictions could have landed her 12 years in prison, but Court of Common Pleas Judge Robert Ruehlman only sentenced her to 5 years in prison.  At sentencing, Ruehlman told her:

“You were the lifeguard, to make sure the system was conducted fairly, the greatest system on earth, the free election system.  Your job was to make sure it was conducted fairly, but what did you do? You used this position of lifeguard, this position of trust to vote illegally.”

Richardson was sentenced in July 2013 to five years in prison, however, less than 8 months later, she was released from prison.  Upon her release, the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the National Action Network, a liberal Democratic group, honored Richardson for her voter fraud by posting on their Facebook page a number of welcome home messages.  She was given the same fanfare as a soldier who fought to defend the sacred right to vote, gets when coming home from battle.

But wait, the voter fraud in Cincinnati is not confined to just Melowese Richardson.  A nun pleaded guilty to voting for others and there was a third case of voter fraud confirmed.  Hamilton County election officials were also investigating over a dozen other voter fraud cases.

Had voter ID been required, Richardson, the nun and others would not have been able to vote for other people.  Since moving to Kentucky, I’ve had to show a photo ID every time I have voted and I’m glad to do so.  But the Democrats have to rely on voter fraud in order to win elections.  In the 2012 primaries and general elections, there were thousands of dead people, pets, non-citizens and illegals that voted, mostly for the Democrats.  There were numerous reports of election machines that automatically changed Romney votes to Obama votes which is what I believed happened in Cleveland.  Without having to show a photo ID, even precinct workers voted for Obama multiple times and still think that what they did was perfectly legal.  Thus demonstrating how far the Democratic Party has sunk, especially since Obama took over.