Poll: Support for Concealed Carry Rising

In spite of the national media’s efforts to scare Americans into accepting more gun control by sensationalizing mass homicides like Sandy Hook and white-on-black violence, there’s been a marked increase in support for gun ownership and concealed carry. According to the Daily Caller:

A survey conducted by John Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center shows a profoundly favorable view of concealed carry as a tool for a safer society.

When asked, “In the United States, are guns used in self-defense more often than they are used in the commission of a crime?” North American respondents agreed answering 88% yes, to 12% no.

Respondents, at a rate of 91%, felt that gun-free zones were more likely to attract criminals than they are to deter them. Gun-free zone was defined as an area where “civilians are banned from having guns.”

Suicide, especially among males, in the United States is usually committed with a firearm. However only 28% the survey respondents answered “yes” when asked, “Would you say that, in the United States, having a gun in the home causes an increase in the risk of suicide?”

Firearm murders have been steadily declining in the United States and concealed carry has been making rapid gains. The National Rifle Association estimates that each year up to 2.5 million crimes are prevented or deterred by an armed citizen.

Survey respondents overwhelmingly felt, 91% to 9%, that “concealed handgun permit holders are much more law-abiding that the typical American.”

Additionally, 81% of respondents felt that “allowing people to carry a permitted concealed handgun” would decrease the murder rate.

A Gallup survey conducted in 2014 indicates that Americans are increasingly recognizing that a gun in the home makes the home safer.

Propaganda spewed out by the media and political establishment is definitely powerful, but sometimes their attempts at brainwashing backfire. I hope that’s the case with gun control in this country. Maybe this is why politicians are shying away from pushing gun control right now.

If all we had access to was the national media, it wouldn’t be so difficult to convince people of enforcing gun control. But because of conservative media – which brings to light countless stories of guns saving lives – and personal experiences of those who have defended themselves and others with guns, the propaganda doesn’t have much effect. In fact, it makes people want to own guns all the more.