Poll Shows Public Doubts if Obama Will Work with GOP

After the Republicans won control of Senate and gained more seats in the House, Barack Obama told the American people that he wants to work with them to get things done.

I recall him saying something similar in 2010 when the Republicans won control of the House, splitting control of Congress with the Democrats. Yet in the four years since that time, Obama has refused to work with the GOP House. He has repeatedly insisted that they cave in to his demands or he would veto everything that they sent him.

Obama’s Senate puppet, Harry Reid followed Obama’s instructions and for the most part refused to allow any legislation from the House to be seen by the Senate unless it was what the Democrats wanted. Sadly, House Majority Leader John Boehner gave in to Obama and Reid’s demands more than he stood his ground.

So do you think Obama will finally decide to work with Republican controlled Congress or will he veto most of what they send him and use his executive orders to dictate?

Rasmussen Reports asked voters a similar question after Obama’s first press conference after the election along with several other questions. Here are the 5 questions presented to likely voters:

1* How closely did you follow news stories of President Obama’s first press conference following Election Day?

2* Did President Obama set the right tone in his remarks at the press conference?

3* How confident are you that President Obama and the new Republican majority in Congress can work together to do what’s best for the American people?

4* What should Republicans in Congress deal with first – Obamacare, Keystone pipeline, taxes and spending, immigration, the War on Terror or  climate change?

5* How likely is it that major legislation to improve the country will be passed during the first 100 days of the new Congress?

From the responses they got, not many voters believe that Obama will live up to his words. To begin with, only 35% said they thought Obama set the right tone after his speech while 41% said he did not.

When asked if they believed that Obama would work with the GOP Congress, only 24% said they were somewhat confident he would while 73% said they had little or no confidence that he would. The interesting thing about this result was when it was compared to the responses they got for the same question in 2010 after the GOP took control of the House. In 2010, 43% were somewhat confident Obama would work with the GOP and 53% had little to no confidence he would. Four years later, even fewer people have any confidence that Obama will be willing to work the Republican Congress.

In keeping with the great lack of confidence in Obama, only 25% of likely voters said they believe that major legislation to improve the country will be passed in the first 100 days of the new Congress. The majority, 68%, said they don’t expect to see anything major come out of Congress in the first 100 days. Unfortunately people are not asked for their reasons, so it’s hard to tell if it’s a lack of confidence in Congress or that Obama will veto and block most everything the Republicans try to pass.

Which major issue would you advise Congress to tackle first? According to the people questioned, taxes and spending were first with 31%, immigration second with 22%, Obamacare was third with 18%, the war on terror was fourth with 12% and last of the big five was the Keystone XL Pipeline with only 11%.

Looking at the election and the survey results, it seems that the majority of Americans voted for a change in Congress to get something done, but have little confidence that will happen or that Obama will work with the GOP. Personally, I believe that the GOP Congress will pass some major legislation within the first 100 but Obama will veto it because it’s not what he wants. It will be Obama that will block any efforts to improve the country.

What do you think?