Poll: Only 39% Support Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Opinion

Apparently, less than half of Americans support the Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage, according to a recent AP poll. This is significant, because we’ve been told that the Supreme Court’s opinion comes with it a majority of Americans who believe that the federal government should be there to force all the states to comply with the Court’s redefinition of marriage. Associated Press reported:

People in the United States are evenly divided over the Supreme Court case that made same-sex marriage legal nationwide, according to an Associated Press-GfK poll.

Many think local officials with religious objections to marrying gay and lesbian couples should be exempt from issuing licenses.

Some things to know about public opinion on gay marriage and religious liberties:

Altogether, 39 percent approved of the high court’s decision and 41 percent disapproved. An additional 18 percent neither approved nor disapproved.

Poll respondents were divided over allowing same-sex marriage in their own state, with 42 percent in favor and 40 percent opposed.

The poll found no surge in support for same-sex marriage since the court’s ruling June 26. If anything, support was down slightly since April, when 48 percent said they were in favor in another AP-GfK survey. An earlier poll, conducted in January and February, found 44 percent in support of same-sex marriage.

With the way people in the media talk, you’d think there was an overwhelming majority support for the Court’s decision. But contrary to what we’ve been hearing, the Court’s opinion actually isn’t the majority opinion. And not only that, but according to the poll, support for the Court’s opinion is even down slightly. Their opinion, like so many in the past, was forced upon everyone, overturning democratically decided state laws that defined marriage the way it had been defined for thousands of years until now.