Poll: Most U.S. Latinos Believe in Manmade Global Warming

When I first read the headline, I thought it made sense, because most Latinos listen to, support and vote Democrat. Naturally, they’re going to believe in the talking points that Democrats peddle, including their mantra about “climate change” and how we evil human beings are the cause of it. Well, humans and flatulent bovines.

But there was an interesting dynamic present in the study. Most Latinos surveyed said that the Catholic Church’s position on global warming has a “major impact,” presumably on their opinions. From ArcaMax:

A large majority of Latinos see global warming as a serious problem — a view that crosses party lines and includes Republicans, whose party leaders are climate change skeptics.

More than 73 percent of U.S. Latinos surveyed by the Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Polling Initiative consider global warming to be a somewhat serious or very serious problem.

Concern is higher among Democrats — 82 percent – than among Republicans at 62.2 percent. Concern is much lower — 49 percent — among Latinos who are independents or not registered.

Pollsters also found 58 percent of those surveyed consider global warming an important issue in the 2016 presidential election. The view is held by 60.9 percent of Democrats, 52.9 percent of Republicans, and 55.9 percent of those who identified themselves as independent or not registered.


The polling suggests that, at least among Latino voters, “that the issue is not as partisan with important sections of the electorate as one might guess looking at Congress,” Colin Polsky, director of FAU’s Center for Environmental Studies, said in a written statement.

In June, Pope Francis issued an encyclical on the effects of global warming on the poor and the need to protect the earth and its environment, something that most Latinos thought could have a major impact.

More than 60 percent said the church’s position can have a major impact. Among those 18 to 34, 66.8 percent felt that way. Just 45.8 percent of those 55 and over thought the church view would have a major impact.

If you look at U.S. Latino religious demographics, the percentage of Latinos who identify as Catholic is falling, but they still hold a majority. “A majority (55%) of the nation’s estimated 35.4 million Latino adults – or about 19.6 million Latinos – identify as Catholic, but that’s down from two-thirds (67%) as recently as 2010.” Add to that that about 67% of U.S. Latinos vote Democrat.

So while it’s not as simple as saying that if you’re a Latino living in the U.S., you’re probably going to believe in manmade global warming simply because you’re probably a Democrat, that does play a role in understanding why so many accept manmade global warming.

But another significant contributing factor is that so many Latinos are Catholic and listen to the Pope, the current one being the first not from Europe and the first Latin American to hold the position. His recent encyclical on climate change probably had a “major impact” on Latinos’ position, as the poll suggested.

It’s a little ironic that so many of the Democrats’ constituency believe in manmade global warming because of their religion. All of a sudden, liberals don’t mind the Catholic Church so much.