Poll: Most Americans Think the Terrorists are Winning

If terrorism is about invoking terror in the hearts of those whom it targets, I’d say the terrorists are winning by a large margin. Part of their purpose is to kill. But more than that, they want to make their intended targets live in fear. They murder people in the most horrific ways so that an entire country such our own cowers in fear before them.

A recent poll found that more Americans think that the terrorists are winning the “war on terror” than those who think we’re winning, and that number is the highest it’s been since right after 9/11. The Daily Caller reported:

According to the CNN/ORC poll, just 18 percent say the United States is winning the war on terror while 40 percent say terrorists have the upper hand, 40 percent say neither side and 2 percent have no opinion.

The nation largely disapproves of the way President Barack Obama has handled terrorism with 60 percent saying they disapprove and 38 percent approving.

Forty-seven percent of those polled say they approve of Obama’s overall job performance while 52 percent gave him a negative outlook.

In the wake of the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, only 17 percent say they have “a great deal” of confidence in the administration to protect citizens from future acts of terror.

The country is split at 49 percent on whether or not to send ground troop to Syria and Iraq to fight Islamic State.

The results are consistent with other recent surveys.

poll conducted by Gallup earlier this month shows most Americans list terrorism as the number one threat to the country.

Now, you and I may not actually be living in fear the way the terrorists want, but there are other ways that fear is manifested. So many laws these days are enacted out of fear of the boogeyman. We live under constant surveillance by the feds, namely the NSA and their data collection programs; we have to put up with a total police state anytime we go to the airport; our 4th Amendment rights are being stripped away; and it’s all because of the fear of terrorism. If you object to any of these measures, the response is always, “So you want the terrorists to win?” The terrorists are already winning. Perhaps they’ve already won.