Poll: Americans Think Homosexuals Make Up a Quarter of the Population

If a quarter of the population were homosexual, we’d have quite a dwindling population. Liberals wouldn’t be complaining about how we’re overpopulated. And maybe they wouldn’t be pushing girls and women to get abortions.

You can thank a couple of things for this complete misperception by Americans that homosexuals take up nearly 25% of the population. For one, homosexuals have one of the most powerful lobbies. In addition, homosexuality has completely saturated the media and academic systems, from elementary education all the way up to universities. It’s everywhere, and people are taught from their earliest days that homosexuality is completely normal, beautiful and natural, that it makes perfect biological sense, and that everyone should voice his utmost support for it. Not publicly endorsing it is a hate crime. From the Daily Caller:

Americans think 23 percent of their fellow citizens are gay, according to a new poll by Gallup. That’s an exaggeration so strong, it’s close to ten times as high as the actual figure.

The 23 percent estimate is down slightly from a 25 percent estimate in 2011, but still much, much higher than current research indicates the actual rate to be, which, according to research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is about 3 percent of Americans. Gallup’s own daily polling finds that 3.8 percent of Americans identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

However, only 9 percent of those polled by Gallup even believed the gay population to be less than five percent. Thirty-three percent of respondents believed the figure to be above25 percent.

The exaggeration of America’s gay population is apparent across many different demographics. Those with more education were less off with their estimates, but even those with postgraduate degrees placed the gay population at 15 percent, four to five times its actual figure.

Overall, those from groups more sympathetic to gays exaggerated their population to a greater degree. Social liberals thought 24 percent of the population was gay, compared to just 19 percent of social conservatives, and supporters of gay marriage believe that 25 percent of their fellow Americans are gay, compared to a 21 percent estimate from gay marriage opponents.

Wildly off-the-mark beliefs about the makeup of America’s population are nothing new. Earlier polls by Gallup have found that Americans believe the country is one-third black (blacks are about 14 percent of the country) and 30 percent Hispanic (they are a little over half that).

Because of how much homosexuality’s saturated our everyday lives, it seems as if it homosexuals make up a substantial amount of the populace. That’s what we’re led to believe anyway. They might have the loudest voices, but in reality, they’re a tiny minority, screaming at everyone not just to tolerate them, but to openly and publicly endorse them and their behavior and to excoriate those who don’t.