Poll: 97% of Americans Don’t Care About “Climate Change”

This Fox News poll was conducted jointly by Anderson Robbins Research and Shaw and Company Research. Over 1,000 registered voters – including Democrats, Republicans and Independents – were surveyed.

Results of the survey showed that people don’t really care all that much about “climate change,” in spite of all the time, money, and energy invested in fear propaganda. People care mostly about things like terrorism and the economy. You know, things that actually exist and affect people here and now. From the Daily Caller:

While 97 percent of scientists may agree mankind is driving global warming, 97 percent of Americans don’t seem to care about the issue when stacked up against other concerns such as terrorism or the economy, according to a recent Fox News poll.

A November Fox News poll of more than 1,000 registered voters found that only 3 percent listed “climate change” as the most important issue facing the country today, down from 5 percent in August. Americans were much more worried about terrorism, the economy and immigration than global warming.

Even among Democrats concern for global warming was low. The Fox poll found only 6 percent of Democrats listed global warming as their top concern, compared to 1 percent of Republicans. Men were slightly more likely than women to list global warming as their top concern, and whites were more likely than blacks to worry about warming.

Fox released its poll as President Barack Obama prepares to meet other world leaders in Paris next week for a United Nations climate summit. Obama desperately wants countries to sign onto a global agreement to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and make up for his foreign policy failure at Copenhagen in 2009.

You know the first thing that liberals will say is that this poll is biased. I mean, Fox News is behind it, for crying out loud. But as you saw, Republicans weren’t the only ones surveyed. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents were interviewed, and even among Democrats, their concern for “climate change” wasn’t all that much higher than Republicans’ concern.

It’s difficult for people to care about global warming when they’re shoveling snow out of their driveway.