Poll: 1% of Americans View Global Warming as Top Issue

A recent Pew Research poll found that only 1% of Americans believe that global warming is a top concern. Here’s Breitbart:

In the wake of historic midterm election losses for Democrats, Obama unveiled two major global warming initiatives and said he would make the issue a major theme of his final two years in office. However, according to the latest USA Today/Pew Research poll, just 1% of Americans cite environment/global warming as their top concern. 

Similarly, last year Obama hailed income inequality as “the defining challenge of our time.” Yet in the most recent poll, just 2% of Americans called distribution of wealth/income inequality the top problem confronting Americans.

The findings pose a daunting challenge for an unpopular president with an agenda seemingly out of step with the concerns of most Americans. Indeed, more than 1 in 3 Americans (34%) cited economic issues as the nation’s top problem. As USA Today notes, Obama cannot “take credit for good economic news when so many Americans believe the country fundamentally has gotten off on the wrong track.” 

In the grand scheme of things, people just aren’t all that interested in trying to control the climate when they’re struggling to take care of their own families in a struggling economy.

Global warming is not something regular people care all that much about. It’s something that the ruling elite claim to care so much about. While they circle the globe in their private jets and live in their gigantic mansions. It’s not really something that everyday people connect with, especially since the science shows that global warming hasn’t really occurred in the last two decades. And even if it had, there’s no evidence tying the climate to the oil industry and Republicans. And I don’t even like the Republicans.