Police: If You’re Being Attacked, Don’t Try to Defend Yourself

A few days ago, a couple of armed thugs tried to rob two college students in Virginia. As they probably quickly found out, they picked on the wrong guys. And yes, one of the attackers was black. The other appeared to be Latino. And I have no idea what race the victims were. I can guess that since their race is not being reported in the media, that they were probably white. It’s usually portrayed as racist when the media point out that white people are often victims of black attackers.

The robbery didn’t go as the attackers, Gerald Allen and Johnny Calderon, had planned. I’m sure they approached the students and shoved a gun in one of their sides and demanded all their money, “or else.” But the University of Virginia students responded by beating the living daylights out of the would-be robbers and detaining them for the police:

“Both suspects have severe injuries to their faces, but the victims – we’re told – are doing just fine. The pair who allegedly attempted an armed robbery had the tables turned on them Tuesday night, becoming victims themselves, so to speak. Johnny Calderon Jr., 19, is facing four charges: two for attempted robbery, one for pointing a firearm and one for using a firearm in the commission of a felony.  Calderon has a lot of bruising on his face, but he was not as badly injured as Gerald Allen. Allen’s right eye is swollen shut. Allen, 18, is facing a pair of attempted robbery charges. Police say the suspects, both from Charlottesville, had to be taken to the hospital before going to jail Tuesday night.”

While the story is great in that a couple thugs got what they deserved and all that, what was really stupid was what the police advised others to do if they ever found themselves in a similar situation. While the police acknowledged that this was a self-defense case, they also advised people not to try to take matters in their own hands if they’re ever attacked. What do they want people to do? Just stand there motionless while the robbers or murderers have their way with you? Is that what police do?

When the local NBC affiliate reported on the incident, one of the hosts asked the reporter if there would be charges filed against the college students for beating up the two robbers. Are you kidding me? What exactly would the charges be? Is self-defense a crime now?

Thankfully, there won’t be any charges filed against them. (Yet.) But the media and police are trying to get people to be more afraid to defend themselves. They want people to be completely dependent on police for protection, even though all the police are usually able to do is show up after a crime has been committed. In this case, the two college students had these thugs detained and ready for pick-up.

Police will claim that they don’t want victims trying to fight back, because “someone might get hurt.” Yeah, the victim might get hurt or killed as a result of not fighting back. This is why people, especially the more vulnerable, need to be able to carry guns. If you don’t feel like you’re physically able to fight off an attacker, a gun will do the trick.

But police would rather deal with a dead victim and a murderer on the loose than a “doing-just-fine” victim holding a beat-up assailant or two for the police’s convenience.