Police Unable to Return Gun to Legal Owner Due to Colorado’s Gun Laws

If you would have asked to me three years ago to list the states with the strictest gun control laws, I would have answered New York, Maryland, Connecticut and Washington DC. If you were to ask me the same question today, I would have to add Colorado after the new anti-gun laws they passed last year.

Not only has Colorado’s anti-gun laws forced several firearms companies to leave the state along with the Outdoor Channel cancelling 4 TV programs filmed in the state, but now the new laws are stopping law enforcement from returning legally owned guns back to their owners.

Sara Warren of Fort Collins works as a maid, cleaning the homes of numerous strangers. She has a conceal carry permit for her Ruger compact SR9 handgun that she carries for protection. On March 28, Warren was involved in an auto accident which resulted in her being taken to the hospital for treatment of her injuries. When police checked out her car, they found her gun and took it into their possession.

Upon checking her out, they discovered that she legally owns the gun and she was not in violation of any firearm laws. However, they say that they are not legally able to return her gun to her.

According to the new state anti-gun laws, Sara Warren has to have a Federal Firearms License check run on her and the Fort Collins police say that they have no procedure for running such a background check. Fort Collins Deputy Police Chief Jim Szakmeister told the local media that the city attorney met with the district attorney and they concurred that Warren’s gun cannot be returned to her without the FFL background check. Therefore, they cannot return her gun to her even though she is the legal owner and already has a conceal carry permit.

Warren told the local media:

“I’m a lawful citizen. I use my gun legally. I need my gun … this is ridiculous.”

“There are people out there who can’t get their guns back. They haven’t done anything wrong.”

Sheriff Justin Smith says that the law states that if a gun is seized by a law enforcement officer as evidence, then an FFL background check is mandatory before the gun can be returned to its legal owner even if the owner has undergone previous clearances. He further commented on the situation, saying:

“I’m told there are other people in this situation. It’s terrible when a law-abiding citizen gets caught up in something like this and it causes them to lose faith in their government.”

Colorado’s new laws are very strict on the transfer of possession of a firearm. Technically, if you go to a shooting range and hand your gun to one of the instructors to check out, you just violated the state’s firearm transfer laws. According to Smith, once the Fort Collins police took control of Warren’s gun following the accident, they cannot transfer possession of it back to her without the FFL background check.

Don’t think that this was an accidental result of the new gun laws. Colorado’s Democratic leadership admitted that when they pushed through the horrifically strict anti-Second Amendment laws that they were following the instructions they had received from the White House. Namely, those instructions were to do whatever they could to disarm the people of Colorado and cripple the firearms companies that operated there. This is just one of many examples of the underhanded and sneaky ways the Obama administration is going about in their effort to disarm Americans.

The fallout in Colorado has been hurting the Democrats. Two of the Democrats that helped push the anti-gun laws lost their positions in recall votes. A recent poll in Colorado has shown that 56% of the people oppose the Democrat anti-gun agenda while only 39% of the people support it. The midterm elections in Colorado this year should prove to be very interesting and hopefully many of the remaining liberal Democrats will be forced to start bagging groceries at their neighborhood Wal-Mart.