Police Show Deaf Man Who’s Boss by Tasering Him Twice

One thing is for sure:  police all around the county put their lives on the line for us and our safety. We should never question their tactics or policies and procedures, because as inconvenient or fatal as they seem to us at times, the things they do, they do for our own good. Idiots who bring up alleged constitutional violations by peace officers just want an excuse to live a life of crime.

Critics are already getting on to a group of peace officers in Hawthorne, California (home of the Beach Boys) who had no choice but to resort to tasering a man for resisting arrest and for assaulting the police.

Look, when police have to use force against an unruly civilian, it pains them more than it does the civilian. They don’t like having to use force. But sometimes they have to. Police work ain’t easy; nor is it pretty. It’s a tough and dirty job. And they do it for you and me.

The best way to avoid this kind of response from peace officers is to obey their commands and be cooperative. In one word:  comply. It’s actually not that difficult. Remember, they’re laying their own lives on the line for you, so don’t you think you owe them some respect in return?

Now, this deaf guy in California is using his deafness as an excuse for resisting arrest and assaulting these police officers. He threatened the police officers with his hands (claiming that he was only using “sign language”…yeah, right!), so they had to taser him a couple times and beat him to the ground. Like I said, police work ain’t pretty. This kind of forceful response is the price some people have to pay for the rebellious decisions they make with authority figures. If this deaf guy had instead complied with their requests and gave them the information they needed to make sure he wasn’t a terrorist, then none of this would have happened.

And because this deaf guy was such a lightweight, he went unconscious from the peace officers’ use of force. (*rolls eyes*) The police, even though they had been wronged by this spoiled, rotten individual, dutifully allowed him to be transferred to the hospital for his “injuries.” Their patience and compassion astounds me. I don’t know if I would have the patience or compassion to allow him to receive special treatment at a hospital, knowing that he had wronged me so severely, especially while using his supposed “disability” as an excuse for criminal behavior. My respect for them just went up tenfold.

I know it’s hard to believe, but this deaf guy actually filed a federal lawsuit against these noble peace officers and the department they represent. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll end up getting whatever he wants, all because he’s deaf. Or so he says.

Here’s a rather biased account of what happened from Courthouse News Service:

In a federal complaint for violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Jonathan Meister claims the attack could have been avoided had Hawthorne trained its police officers to communicate with the deaf and hard of hearing.

Officers confronted him on Feb. 13 outside a friend’s home as he picked up a snowboard and winter clothes for a trip to Utah, Meister says in the lawsuit.

Meister says he used hand gestures to try to tell police he is deaf and was lawfully at the home.

The cops were having none of it. They “shot Taser darts into Mr. Meister, administered a number of painful electric shocks, struck him with fists and feet, and forcibly took him to the ground,” he says in the complaint.

Officers kicked and punched him in the back and stomach, choked and Tasered him, delivering “punishing shocks” and intentionally “burning his flesh,” Meister claims.

He says four defendant officers took part in the attack: Jeffrey Salmon, Jeffrey Tysl, Erica Bristow and Mark Hultgren.

After he was knocked unconscious and taken to a hospital, he was cited for assaulting the officers and released, but the charges were dropped.

Excuse me, but how in the world are the police supposed to just know that this guy was deaf (assuming he actually was deaf)? They can’t know every detail about you just by looking at you. What if this guy was faking his deafness? All the police knew was that their lives were being threatened by this maniac’s rapid hand movements, and they had to take action.

And come to think of it, snowboarders are known to come from states that have legalized pot. If this guy was deaf, I bet it was from heavy pot use. Not so innocent after all, huh?

Cut these freedom-preservers some slack. This (alleged) deaf guy (probably a complete pothead) needs to get off his high horse and realize that he’s not the only object of a possible misunderstanding. Next time he’s getting mugged or raped, he’s on his own, since he obviously thinks the police are too much of an “inconvenience” for him.

/sarcasm (duh)