Police Rob Taxpayers And Gun Purchasers While Accusing Gun Sellers Of All Gun Crimes

Guns aren’t cheap. Even if there are relatively cheap guns, many would love to be able to afford a better one. Furthermore, one has to save enough not only for the gun, but also for the ammunition for target practice and other expenses to be a responsible gun owner.

Anything that raises the price of firearms is a problem.

The Baltimore County Police Department is about to retire almost 2000 Sig Sauer handguns. But rather than sell them and thus help with their budget, the police have decided that they must not allow these firearms to “wind up in private hands.”

When I first saw this story I hoped this was some kind of political decision imposed on the police department. No. The police chief is an ardent supporter of disarming all non-police:

“Baltimore County Police Chief James W. Johnson has been a vocal proponent of new gun laws. He appeared before a U.S. Senate committee this year to push for an assault weapons ban and stiffer background checks in the wake of the mass shooting at Newtown, Conn.”

Their excuse for not reselling the handguns is that, a few years ago, a pistol that the Department had resold to the manufacturer, was later used to commit two homicides.

“‘If we put guns back on the street and they’re used in a crime, do we bear some responsibility for putting them back into circulation?’ retired Baltimore Deputy Police Commissioner Bert F. Shirey said at the time.”

Of course not! The shooter bears the responsibility.

Notice that the police are casually accusing gun manufacturers and other sellers of all gun crimes. By their logic, anyone who sells a firearm of any kind to non-police is guilty of all criminal acts that are carried out, not only by the person who buys the weapon, but also by anyone else who might get hold of that weapon after the initial sale. This is a total and complete denial of the Second Amendment—articulated by the people who are supposed to protect us.

This denial of the right to bear arms is being implemented at our expense.

All people interested in buying a gun, especially if they would like to purchase that model of firearm, are being financially punished. By keeping them out of the market the police are deliberately raising the price.

Furthermore, the taxpayers of Baltimore County are being punished. This decision will cost $700,000. In 2011, a similar decision cost them $500,000.

Frankly, I despise police who work against the Second Amendment far more than just about anyone else who campaigns to disarm Americans. They are paid to protect people, not disarm them.