Police Officer Killed By Homeowner Who Thought He Was Being Burglarized

Police always say that what concerns them the most is making sure they are safe; that they are able to get home safely to their families. And if that means shooting and killing an innocent person to ensure the officers’ safety, then so be it. Better safe than sorry. It’s not like a civilian is all that important anyway.

What doesn’t make any sense is when a police SWAT team decide to do a no-knock middle-of-the-night raid on someone’s house because of what some anonymous “informant” told them. They’re just asking for trouble. Especially when they don’t feel the need to announce who it is that’s breaking in this person’s house.

These sorts of raids happen all the time, and if the police notice one of the residents holding a gun for obvious reasons, they take him out. Remember, their primary objective is ensuring their own safety. So, having to kill an innocent civilian, while somewhat unfortunate, isn’t a tragedy or anything.

The Daily Caller reported on one such incident in Texas:

Burleson County police raided Magee’s home in December after receiving a tip from an informant that he was in possession of drugs. Five pounds of marijuana were found on the premises.

Police did not knock before entering the home, and they executed the search before sunrise, when it was still dark outside. Magee’s lawyer told the grand jury that his client thought the police were burglars, and he fired his gun to protect his girlfriend, who was pregnant. The bullet struck and killed Deputy Adam Sowders.

He did what any gun owner would do. He hears someone breaking in his house, and he grabs his gun and shoots at whoever is breaking in, to protect his loved ones. I’m a little surprised the other officers didn’t execute him on the spot for trying to defend himself.

Thankfully, a grand jury decided that there was not enough evidence to charge the man with murder. They did however get him on possession of an illegal plant and possession of a gun while possessing the wrong kind of plant.

I don’t understand these types of raids. First of all, they often raid the wrong residence on bad information. That’s usually when police execute anyone in that wrong house who happens to have a gun. Then, when the police realize they’ve hit the wrong house, their reaction is usually, “Oh well.” No apologies; no “Sorry for killing your husband.” They’ve a job to do. They’ve got houses to raid and people to shoot.

If their information is so reliable, why not get a search warrant signed by the judge and knock on the person’s door, show him the warrant, and search the premises? There are plenty of other ways to execute a search warrant without getting people killed. You break into someone’s house, it doesn’t matter who you are, you’re setting yourselves up to get shot and killed.