Police: Knockout Suspect Guilty of “Harassment,” not Assault

The media didn’t dare acknowledge the existence of the knockout game, a game where some bored teen decides to knock out a complete stranger by sneaking up on him and punching him in the face. Usually, the attackers are black, and the victims are white. That’s why the media didn’t want to bring up the game. They wouldn’t want their viewers to get the wrong idea.

They only recently acknowledged its existence when some white kid played the game with an older black man. Then, the media took notice, and Holder’s Department of “Justice” charged him with a hate crime. I’m sure many a liberal media outlet had “expert panels” where the participants would ruminate aloud about how these white-on-black crimes are escalating.

It seems that the media just don’t see the black-on-white knockouts. Or if they do, then they’ll say that they’re just “teenagers being teenagers.” Maybe that’s why the Rochester Police Department in New York is claiming that a local knockout suspect is guilty of harassment, but not assault. After all, according to the Rochester PD spokes(wo)man, the older white woman who was sucker-punched didn’t sustain “substantial pain” for it to be considered anything more than just harassment.

The attack was perpetrated by a few really bored black teens who get a kick out of causing others pain. The attacker himself went by “True Goon” and had a Facebook account under the name “True Goon Tocool Sneeky.” You think maybe he meant “too cool” instead of “tocool?” Who knows. But perhaps he thought he was too cool for school. Here’s the footage recorded by one of True Goon’s friend: