Police Helped Dianne Feinstein Break D.C. Gun Laws And Get Away With It

They say that gun control laws penalize only the innocent, law-abiding citizen, and by definition, don’t apply to criminals. Just ask Aaron Alexis.

Apparently, they also don’t apply to the liberals in Washington who are responsible for creating these restrictive laws and molding people’s opinions on gun control. Just ask David Gregory. He is the NBC host on Meet the Press who brought a 30-round AR-15 magazine into his studio. Nothing happened to him. So much for “no tolerance.”

You can also ask Dianne Feinstein. Around the same time of Gregory’s stunt, she brought in several “assault weapons” for show-and-tell at a news conference that took place in D.C. She wanted the scariest and blackest rifles so that mindless TV viewers would be shocked and more receptive to outlaw these “war machines.” Never mind the fact that her publicity stunt was completely illegal. No worries, though. Local police helped her break the law and tried covering it up.

But Emily Miller with the Washington Times issued a Freedom of Information Act request regarding all the communications that occurred between Feinstein’s office and the D.C. Police that detailed their “coordination” to bring assault weapons to a D.C. news conference and their plans to cover up their involvement. Here are the key players in the cover-up:

  • Dianne Feinstein, aka “DiFi” –  Gun-grabbing Senator from California and D.C. gun law violator
  • Tom Mentzer – Feinstein’s press secretary
  • Cathy L. Lanier – Washington Metropolitan Police (MPD) Chief
  • Gwendolyn Crump – Lanier’s spokesman
  • Keith Williams – commander of MPD’s Crime Scene Investigation Division
  • Chuck DeWitt – Lobbyist for Lafayette Group
  • Terrance (Terry) W. Gainer – Senate Sergeant at Arms
  • Kathryn Stillman – campus-access coordinator for Gainer
  • Charles H. Ramsey – Philadelphia Police Chief

It started with Feinstein wanting to bring ten different scary looking guns for her media stunt. DeWitt contacted MPD Chief Lanier on behalf of the Senator and asked about who to talk to in order to get access to these guns. Lanier forwarded DeWitt to Commander Williams, who apparently didn’t have all the guns Feinstein was requesting. So, Williams contacted Philadelphia PD Chief Ramsey to supply the remaining guns.

The Washington Times continued:

 Chief Lanier wanted to help Mrs. Feinstein, but didn’t want the media to know. Cmdr. Williams emailed Mr. Mentzer to put a “bug” in his ear that the police would “prefer that no mention of the fact that the weapons came from D.C. or were recovered by MPDC in the official language or speeches.” Mr. Mentzer replied, “By not mentioning where the weapons came from, we open ourselves up to the same charge against David Gregory.”

Senate Sergeant at Arms Gainer was the one who coordinated with police to get the illegal weapons in Capitol Hill. Gainer’s campus-access coordinator Kathryn Stillman recommended to Commander Williams and Feinstein’s staff that the guns be mounted on boards and secured by zip ties so that she wouldn’t be in violation of “possession.” She could hold the board, point, or even touch parts of the guns. But since she wouldn’t have to actually “handle” the weapons, she wouldn’t technically be in violation.

Apparently, Gainer blew it when the Washington Times’ Emily Miller questioned him about the legality of all guns being there in D.C. and in Capitol Hill of all places. He said they all belonged to the D.C. and Philadelphia police departments.

The Washington Times continued with what the FOIA request revealed:

But when I asked Chief Lanier’s spokesman, Gwendolyn Crump, about the guns, she refused to confirm they belonged to MPD.  I followed up the next day with several more questions to Ms. Crump. From the FOIA documents, I now know that she sent my second email to Chief Lanier, who then forwarded it to three people with notes. Chief Lanier wrote to Philadelphia Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey, “I am really disappointed in Terry [Gainer]. This is exactly why I didn’t want to participate.” She said to Mr. Gainer, “This is completely contrary to our agreement to participate in this event. We will not participate again.” The chief wrote to lobbyist Mr. DeWitt, “So much for our agreement.” Mr. DeWitt replied: “Well, Ramsey and Feinstein followed our script, but who would have guessed that [Gainer] would burn us.” He drafted a response for the police to send to me and added in a note, “I don’t know how you put up with people like Emily [Miller]… .” Chief. Lanier replied, “Thanks, Chuck, unfortunately this will be the next tail wagging our dog for weeks.”

So there you have it. That’s how they pull off illegal publicity stunts in D.C. And nothing will happen to any of them. A D.C. resident gets fined and faces jail time on gun violations even though he used his gun to save the life of an 11-year-old boy. But a liberal Senator can bring in ten different “assault” rifles into Capitol Hill for shock value, and a news man can bring in an illegal “high capacity” gun magazine into his studio, and no one cares.