Police Eject & Threaten Dad For Having Son Hold His Beer In Public So He Could Snap A Picture

I realize that we face much worse outrages on the part of the police almost every day. But the fact that this happened is indicative of a culture that promotes government bullying and interference in the lives of people and families. As one blog reports:

“John Coulter told USA Today he wanted to take a photograph shortly after kickoff, so he handed his brewski to his 15-year-old son. Who wouldn’t? Stadium brews are priced like liquid gold. I wouldn’t want to stand the chance that it would get tipped over either. But Coulter says the innocent ‘hold my beer’ moment landed him in trouble with undercover officers from the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control, who told the father it was illegal and kicked him out of the stadium. One official later stated the dad got lucky because he could have been charged — and the misdemeanor could carry as much two years in jail, a $2,500 fine, and three years probation.”

What is amazing to me about this story is that the man was not actually charged—was not arrested, did not have to post pail, and did not have to hire a defense attorney.

One could (as the blog did) use this story to show how our culture is being ruled by people who are far too paranoid about alcohol.

But I don’t think this story is limited to the anti-alcohol regime (which, by the way, doesn’t really seem to want to prevent alcohol consumption as much as use it as a pretext to shake people down for money and permanently classify them in the criminal “justice” system—that is, make sure they have a criminal record for the rest of their lives). The fact that the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control had secret agents roving the football stadium during the game seems like another example of how every state and federal agency wants to get in on the spying game against Americans.

Looking at the story in USAToday, I notice that not only was the Dad told he “got lucky” by merely losing his day at the game with his son (along with the money he paid for the tickets), but the bureaucrats shamelessly pretended that they had show restraint when they were asked about it later:

“Officials say Coulter is lucky he was able to walk away from the situation. ‘Providing alcohol to an underage person or an underage person in possession of alcohol is a Class 1 misdemeanor,’ said Sgt. Wesley Kuhl of the Arizona Department of Liquor License and Control. ‘The consequences could be up to, and this is a maximum, of two years in jail, $2,500 fine and three years probation.’”

In a nation that was not a Gestapo-owned, dystopic, spy-state, the head bureaucrat would apologize and tell his minions to not be so trigger-happy about a father getting his son to help him hold his beer so he could have his hands free. But in the US no one backs down no matter how ridiculous their behavior is revealed to be.