Police Department Gets Military-Style Armored Car To Scare Citizens…For Their Own Protection

The city of Salinas, California just got a new toy. And it was free. It’s part of a national military surplus program where the Department of Defense is de-commissioning equipment and handing them down to local police departments. In this case, Salinas won a 37,000-pound military-style armored vehicle.

Writing for the Daily Caller, Robby Soave reported:

It will be put to use in SWAT team operations. The department’s last vehicle was outdated and in deplorable condition. It provided little cover for cops, and was vulnerable to gunfire. The new armored car, on the other hand, will easily withstand fire from handguns. And rifles. And rocket-propelled grenades. “It provides a high capability of protection for our officers and the community,” said Police Chief Kelly McMillin in a statement. Many citizens didn’t see in that way, and posted comments on the department’s Facebook page warning that the car is frightening and unnecessary.

Using the rhetoric from the gun control crowd, do these police departments around the country really need fancy weaponry like this? Aren’t the handguns, automatic rifles, riot gear, tasers and bulletproof vests sufficient?

Evidently not. They need these armored vehicles in case “anti-government extremists” [read:  those who value the life of the unborn; those who are opposed to high taxes; those critical of the political establishment; Christians; those who value the 2nd Amendment] launch rocket-propelled grenades at them. Everybody knows those kinds of terroristic actions are reserved only for U.S.-supported terrorists freedom-fighters in the Middle East.

The Middle Eastern countries that we’ve been occupying all these years have posed no threat to the United States. It seems that over the past couple decades, the Middle East has served as training grounds of sorts and a venue for military/law enforcement experimentation for eventual domestic occupation. This would be consistent with the gradual shift in rhetoric from Homeland Security from the threat of Islamic terrorism (to justify our presence in the Middle East) to the current and real threat of domestic terrorism. “Law enforcement” and military will be deployed wherever our government claims is the most threatening to “national security.” And more and more, our government thinks its own citizens are a greater threat than the terrorists we support overseas.