Police Chief Opposes Second Amendment; Gets Tank For His “Troops”

Another blog is reporting that the Milwaukee Police Department has purchased an armored tank to use to patrol the city.

“This is something you see in a monster truck show,a third world country or the old rural Michigan wastelands I grew up in as a kid.  But seriously what is this used for?  Besides intimidation, the upcoming food riots  or the arrest of bloggers like myself, I can’t really pin point many uses.  It’s not economical to chase speeders and write tickets in a tank,  and I’m sure it’s not fiscally responsible to spend that kind of money on a  tank when most States, Cities and County’s are broke. I guess the only logical conclusion is it’s all for us! All 2,700 hundred plus tanks, the millions of rounds of ammo the Government is stockpiling, the drones patrolling the sky… Only to see our liberties being destroyed day by day.”

The blogger does a good job tying this purchase to other news:

“With the recent news of the  DHS Purchasing  2,700 light-armored tanks and the countless ammunition buys  made by many different factions of the Government, it should come as no surprise that feds and local municipalities are preparing for something big.”

I think the blogger is mistaken about this being a direct acquisition by the MPD. Rather, the Racine County Sheriff’s Office got a used tank back home from Iraq. Since the Sheriff’s Office plans to make it “available for other law enforcement agencies in Racine County, plus surrounding counties.” The vehicle was paid for by “money in its asset forfeiture account.”

But I can add a couple of facts that show that this new acquisition is even more sinister, especially since the MPD has access to it, and it was seen being driven around Milwaukee.

First, the police chief is an outspoken opponent of private gun ownership.

Edward Flynn, the chief of police in Milwaukee, claimed the police are “in an arms race.” Seriously? There are other people in Milwaukee using tanks? He also demanded more support from Congress on the “side” of law enforcement. Now having a tank available to his Department, I don’t see why Flynn needs any more support.

He has made it clear that he considers all carrying of firearms a support of criminals. When Wisconsin was debating open carry, Flynn was vocal in stating that his “troops” would not tolerate it.

“‘My message to my troops is if you see anybody carrying a gun on the streets of Milwaukee, we’ll put them on the ground, take the gun away and then decide whether you have a right to carry it,’ Flynn said. ‘Maybe I’ll end up with a protest of cowboys. In the meantime, I’ve got serious offenders with access to handguns. It’s irresponsible to send a message to them that if they just carry it openly no one can bother them.’”

This is the man who now has a tank for his troops to use.

Second, Flynn’s “troops” aren’t heroes

As the great William Norman Grigg has reported,

“The Milwaukee Police Department holds down the number two spot in the national police brutality rankings. Its distinguished contributions in the field of state-sponsored crime include a lengthy and growing list of suspicious deaths of people in police custody.”

Flynn’s record includes resisting the prosecution of a cop for the savage rape and sodomization of woman for the crime of calling the police for help (who then falsely accused her of resisting arrest), refusing to acknowledge the documented existence of a gang of “Punishers” within the police department, and using police harassment against people who testified upon his (deficient) moral character.

Yet now Flynn’s “troops” get use of a tank at public expense. If a civilian was to drive one of those vehicles, Flynn would be screeching about what a threat it is.

Don’t you feel safe, now?