Police Chief under Attack for Turning to Religious Leaders to Help Crime Victims

For centuries, pastors, ministers, rabbis and other religious leaders where the ones that people turned to when they needed emotional and spiritual help after falling victim to a crime.  Law enforcement took care of the legal aspect of catching the criminal but many victims needed help coping with what happened to them.

Birmingham, Alabama Police Chief A.C. Roper recognized the important role the religious leaders play in helping crime victims.  He has been working with ministers, rabbis, imams from all different religions to help provide counseling and comfort to crime victims in his city.

Most people would consider Roper’s actions to be very positive and helpful to so many crime victims, but like I said, most people are not everyone.  When the atheist group known as Freedom from Religion Foundation found out about his project, they immediately started screaming foul, calling his actions a violation of the supposed separation of church and state.  .

Mat Staver, Founder of Liberty Counsel has come to Roper’s defense, stating that he is not endorsing any one religion over another as he was reaching out to a number of different religions and denominations.  Perhaps what’s not setting well with the FRF complainers is that besides being the city police chief, Roper is also a Christian minister.

Staver stated:

“He certainly has an opportunity to be able to express his own faith.  And he doesn’t stop having the right to share his faith with those that are in the office, or in the police department, when he puts on the badge.”

The atheists don’t care about getting proper help and counseling for victims of crime, all they care about is eradicating any form of religion from America except their own godless religion.  In truth, they are just as intolerant towards others, especially Christians as radical Muslims are.

Staver added:

“They have one ultimate agenda and that is to remove anything that is Christian from the public square, and that’s essentially what this is all about.”

I hope and pray that Chief Roper stands his ground and does not give into the whining God haters.  It’s time that all Christians start standing up to atheists’ attacks of our rights and freedoms and take our country back from them.