Police Arrest Man for Legally Carrying Handgun

What started off as a routine traffic stop ended up with the driver in handcuffs in the back of a patrol car.

Rosenberg Police in Texas spotted a man making a right turn without signaling. They pulled him over, and everything was going fine until the driver Alonza Gonzalez notified the cop that he had a concealed carry permit. He let him know up front so that the cop wouldn’t be surprised if he saw that the driver had a firearm on him. He thought he was being responsible in letting the officer know.

At first, the cop was calm, and he asked if Gonzalez if he had the gun on him. The driver responded that he did, and that it was on his right hip.

The officer then called for backup who arrived with his gun drawn. The driver was ordered out of his vehicle and his hands to be placed behind his head. He was arrested according to the cop for “traffic violations” and for having a crack in his windshield that obstructed his view. I didn’t know you could get arrested for not signaling a right turn or for having a crack in your windshield.

Gonzalez is pretty sure his arrest had something to do with his being a permitted concealed carrier. If he hadn’t been armed, and if he had no concealed carry permit, he would have simply received a citation for his traffic violations and moved on. His violations did not warrant getting arrested.

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I understand the police’s fear of armed citizens in light of the Black Lives Matter movement. They’re suspicious of any civilian carrying a firearm. They think that if you’re armed, then that means you’re dangerous and out to get the cops.

But in this case, Gonzalez showed no signs of aggression. He was perfectly compliant and was even up front about his concealed carry permit and handgun. This was not a case for the cop to react in the way that he did and arrest the guy for “traffic violations.” Predictably, following an internal “investigation,” it was found that the cop did nothing wrong.