Please, Marco Rubio, Stop Trying to “Fix” Immigration

Senator Marco Rubio, whose conservative veneer is as thinning as his hairline, was speaking at the National Press Club when he was asked about his involvement with the “Gang of Eight” last year. You may recall that was the nickname of the bunch of four Republicans and four Democrats who were trying to get their colleagues in Congress to support what was essentially their amnesty bill.

The question asked of Rubio went, “Your participation in those immigration negotiations cost you [support] among some Tea Party supporters and conservative Republicans. Do you have any regrets?”

Rubio responded that he regretted only that they didn’t get more support for it “because it’s an important issue that we have to tackle.”

Let me clarify his meaning. When he says we need to “tackle” the illegal-immigration issue, he means we need to let it go unpunished and encourage it even further while at the same time making conservatives lose any chance of future influence.

Rubio did concede, however, that “much of the opposition that we faced to the bill was legitimate objections that people had….”

So my question is, Why would you sponsor and aggressively endorse a bill about which there was some “legitimate” objection? If you agree that something is objectionable, why ever would you push it?

“The flip side of it, of course, for me, is, I came here to do something, not just to be somebody,” he added.

Well that’s idiotic. Doing nothing is always a better option than doing something if that something is going to do more damage than doing nothing would have done.

Doing nothing does damage, for sure; not addressing illegal immigration at all will result in a continuation of illegal immigration. But granting amnesty to the children of illegal immigrants would result in a massive wave of even more immigrants rushing our borders just to pop one out.

Those children will grow up, they will compete in a job market that, right now, as weak as it already is, does not need tens of millions of more people competing with current Americans for positions, and they will send billions of dollars back to their families in Mexico.

Please, Rubio, for the love of your own country and your own countrymen, stop trying to “fix” immigration!