A Plea to Spineless Republican Leaders During the Shutdown

According to the Wall Street Journal:

“President Barack Obama and House Republicans began discussions Thursday on a GOP proposal to extend the nation’s borrowing authority for six weeks, marking a new opening in the budget stalemate that risks a U.S. debt crisis.”

Noooooooooooo! Are you kidding me?! Just Wednesday I was so proud of the GOP—especially the typical establishment types–because they had hunkered down, and held the line, even closing the government…well, 15% of the government. I was fairly certain that this would be a defining moment for the GOP as a whole. But, like so many things in life, the GOP never fails to disappoint.

The polls show that almost as many Americans blame Obama for the shutdown as they do the Republicans. A video from Campus Reform shows a vast majority of Colorado college students blaming Obama—this is Lib-central Colorado! Obamacare is an abject failure—even in terms of its website. A new Rasmussen survey of likely voters has Democrats tied with Republicans on a hypothetical general election, each standing at 40%. Just a week ago, the Democrats were in the lead by several points. And finally, according to an AP-GfK poll, Obama’s approval rating has dropped precipitously to 37%. We were beginning to reverse the tide. We can’t stop now.

Even with all of this pointing in a good direction for a new conservative tidal wave, Republicans are backing down in various forms. Once great thinker, now nitwit Paul Ryan wrote an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal, essentially telling Republicans to concede to Obama’s demands.

This isn’t a grand bargain. For that, we need a complete rethinking of government’s approach to helping the most vulnerable, and a complete rethinking of government’s approach to health care. But right now, we need to find common ground. We need to open the federal government. We need to pay our bills today—and make sure we can pay our bills tomorrow. So let’s negotiate an agreement to make modest reforms to entitlement programs and the tax code.”

I am so tired of Republicans caving over and over again. Is Ted Cruz the only politician on whom I can rely? Is there no other Conservative who stands for anything? I’m aware of Mike Lee, and several others, but I’m speaking in terms of a larger group.

We cannot stop. It is time for a conservative revolution. Ted Cruz helped ignite a fire that was stomped out long ago—a conservative flame. Our country has to stand for something. If we cave to Obama—even slightly—he will regain his composure and become more powerful than ever before. We must not show weakness in the face of tyranny. We must harden our hearts for the sake of our future, and stand resolute in our ideals. This is my plea to Republicans. I hope they get enough of these, or this fight is over before it began.