Playing Self-Knockout: The Idiocy Of This Generation

Among other names, it’s referred to as pass-out, the choking game, and the fainting game, but the most apt name for it, in my mind, would be the moron game.

It’s usually played by older kids, but as dreadfully fast as this generation is growing up, even elementary-school kids have begun getting in on it.

It isn’t so much a game as it is a way to get a small buzz and have a laugh.

There are different ways to do it, but the most common is to squat down low on the ground while breathing in long, slow, deep breaths.

About 30 seconds later, you stand up very suddenly, fold your arms in front of your chest, and have a friend give you a bear hug from behind.

Within a few seconds you will black out. I know this from experience; yes, I too was a moron in my later teen years.

I even did it to a friend of mine, and that was the last time I would ever do it.

After I gave him his bear hug, he failed to go limp in my arms, so I let him go, wondering why it didn’t work. He wondered too.

But a few seconds later, he started falling forward. I thought he was going to catch himself with his hands, but instead he opted for his face. He started shaking on the ground in small seizures.

And about ten seconds later he was awake again, not remembering the last few moments. The pain in his face and the dirt and grass in his nose and mouth (from the face-plant) were the only reminders for him of what happened.

But now elementary-aged kids are playing it! Ten, eleven years old! They don’t have a far distance to fall, but the brain’s oxygen-deprivation that causes the pass-out can and has left people brain-damaged.

Hopefully the ones playing this game won’t be the leaders of future America. Of course, it can’t end up being much worse worse than what the Baby Boomers have done to this country.

Maybe I should give these children the benefit of the doubt. It could be that they’ve seen all the coverage of the black-on-white violent crime known as the “game” of knockout, and they’re just getting a head start on themselves.