Planned Parenthood Wants To Perform Abortions To Underage Girls Without Parental Consent

In 1999, the Montana State Supreme Court overturned a 1995 abortion consent law because the law did not provide any judicial means for minors that could not get the consent of their parents.  That never did make sense to me as the parents are the legal guardians of their children and are responsible for them.  If the parents won’t give their consent for an abortion, it should not be up to a judge overrule the parents.

The people and legislature of Montana have taken measures to protect the parental rights of parents of young teenage girls.  In 2012, a bill, LR-120, was placed on the general election ballot.  It requires a physician to notify the parents of a girl under the age of 16, 48 hours prior to performing an abortion.  The notification bill was passed by the majority of Montana voters.

A second bill, known as the consent bill or HB 391, requires parental consent for abortions to girls under the age of 18.  The consent bill was passed by the Montana legislature.  When signed into law, the consent bill will override the notification bill.

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (D) did not sign the consent bill into law, nor did he veto it.  Mary Spaulding Balch, JD, is the National Right To Life’s State Legislative Director, and she explained why Bullock allowed the bill to become law without signing it, saying:

“Gov. Bullock took this action to set up this lawsuit and to prevent an identical referendum from going on the ballot.  Clearly Planned Parenthood and Bullock believed they would have better success in the courts than with the voters of Montana.”

State Rep. Jerry Bennett (R-Libby) sponsored the consent bill and said he was confident that it would stand up to any challenges like those that caused the 1995 bill to be struck down.  The current version does contain a provision to allow for a judicial bypass in case parental consent is unobtainable.

But that hasn’t stopped Planned Parenthood from challenging the consent law anyway.  After all, who knows what’s best for an underaged teenager, her parents or them?  They feel they know what’s best and don’t care about parental authority.

Planned Parenthood has challenged the constitutionality of both bills claiming that the patient’s right of privacy is extended to minors.  They argued before District Court Judge Jeffrey Sherlock that the State Supreme Court 1999 decision ruled that abortions are covered under the privacy laws for adults and that it should include minors as well.

The bottom line is that not only does Planned Parenthood strive to undermine parental authority, but so does Montana’s Democratic governor.  They want minors to have adult rights concerning murdering unborn children without giving them adult rights in other matters.  I guess you could say that murdering the innocent is more important to them than the family structure and parental rights.

If they succeed, what message will that send to young teens?  It will tell them that they don’t have to listen to their parents in anything, especially when it comes to having sex and killing babies.  This will only hurt family relationships and produce a generation of adults that will have no direction, no trust, and no faith in anything except the government.  Congratulations Bullock and Planned Parenthood, you are making headway towards a truly socialist society.