Planned Parenthood Suing for Right to Endanger Women’s Lives

In March of 2012, a woman nearly died at an abortion clinic in Sharonville, Ohio, a part of the greater Cincinnati area. She was getting an abortion at the Women’s Medical Center from Dr. Martin Haskell. The patient went into status epilepticus as she came out of her anesthesia. This is a life threatening condition where the person is in a constant seizure for over 5 minutes with no signs of letting up. The only way to stop this condition is with medical intervention which the abortion clinic did not have. If not stopped within 5 minutes, the seizures can cause damage to the neurons in the brain and become life threatening.

Since neither Haskell nor the abortion clinic had hospital admitting privileges, they ended up calling 9-1-1. Witnesses observed paramedics using life saving procedures on the patient before transporting her to the hospital.

This is not a one-time event in the abortion industry. A number of women have died from the butchery they receive at the hands of questionable doctors. In a move to protect the health and lives in women, last year Ohio passed a law that requires all abortion clinics or the doctors working there to have hospital admitting privileges.

Currently there is only one remaining abortion clinic in the general Cincinnati area which is the Elizabeth Campbell Surgical Center in the Mount Auburn section of town. The center is owned and operated by the largest baby murdering organization in the United States, Planned Parenthood.

Under the Ohio law, the abortion clinic or its doctors must have hospital admitting privileges. Having failed to obtain those privileges, the Ohio Department of Health issued a citation to the clinic and told them that they face closure if they do not comply with the law.

So far the Planned Parenthood clinic has not been able to get any of the private hospitals to enter into a patient-transfer agreement. Other hospitals in the area are Catholic (Cincinnati has a large Catholic population) and they want nothing to do with the abortion clinics as it’s against their faith. That leaves public hospitals which rely heavily on public or government funding and the new law bans public hospitals from being involved with abortions. The Planned Parenthood clinic had an agreement with the University of Cincinnati Hospital (US Health), but when the new law was passed, that agreement was forced to end.

Planned Parenthood professes to put the health and welfare of women above all else and you would expect them to support a measure that is designed to protect women, but you would be wrong. On Monday, Planned Parenthood of Cincinnati filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of the new Ohio law.

The lawsuit, now before a federal judge, states:

“The last provider of surgical abortion services in the Greater Cincinnati area will close, making abortions virtually unavailable in Cincinnati and violating the constitutional rights of and imposing irreparable harm upon (Planned Parenthood) and its patients. Given that the majority of (Planned Parenthood’s) patients are low-income, the increased costs, travel, and delays will make it impossible for a significant number of women to obtain an abortion.”

I have a simple answer to that argument. If they don’t want a baby then don’t have sex! Plain and simple. You play, you pay. But they want their fun without the consequences and they have to learn that everything you do in life has consequences. If you don’t like the consequences then don’t do the action.

The scary part of this is that Jennifer Branch, the attorney representing Planned Parenthood, has a long history of being pro-abortion. This year Branch ran for the Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas, Juvenile Division judge’s seat. Fortunately, she lost 52.9% to 47.1% to her challenger. Paula Westwood, Executive Director of Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati commented about Branch’s run for the bench saying:

“She recently ran for judge for Hampton Court of Common Pleas, which is a real concern because she was running for juvenile division. Judges for this division have influence over whether the judicial bypass is granted to minor girls who want abortions without parental consent.”

Since Ohio passed the new law, the number of abortion clinics in the state have dropped from 14 down to 8. Hopefully Planned Parenthood will lose this lawsuit and the number will drop down to 7. Eventually, we’d all like to see it drop down to 0, but we’ll take every single closing as a victory to protect and save the lives of the innocent unborn children that are a gift from God.