Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Classes Aimed to Produce 3-5 Abortions per Student

I’ve written a number of articles on the dangerous liberal agenda of Planned Parenthood. They promote promiscuous sex for school kids as young as 10-12 years of age. In some schools, they provide condoms and tell students that virtually any form of sex is okay as long as you take precautions to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Planned Parenthood also teaches kids that they don’t have to tell their parents about their sexual activities. In fact, they go a step further and help young girls learn how to get an abortion without their parents or court’s permission.

Don’t forget that Barack Obama is an adamant supporter of Planned Parenthood and has worked hard to make sure they get no less than $500 million of taxpayer money to continue their liberal agenda and baby murdering ways. They also received another $655 million to serve as Obamacare navigators in six states helping to give them a net revenue of over $1.2 billion.

Now a group of parents in the San Francisco area are joining forces to push the Planned Parenthood led sex education classes out of their local public schools. The group is calling themselves No to Irresponsible Sex Education (NOISE) and they were formed in the Acalanes Union High School District. The district is composed of four high schools in southwest and central part of Contra Costa County.

Camille Giglio, a parent and spokeswoman for NOISE said that when she discovered that the pro-abortion Planned Parenthood was in charge of the sex education classes in her student’s school that she was outraged. Stating that she believed it to be a conflict of interest, Giglio commented:

“I feel sad, and I’m worried for the future of these kids. Planned Parenthood is a business. It’s a business that sells sex. It’s a way to get clientele and to sexualize young people and turn them into lifelong clients.”

According to Victor Skinner, with

“Carol Everett, a former abortion clinic manager in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, recently explained to EAGnews how pro-choice groups like Planned Parenthood have leveraged their position in public schools to create a pipeline of clients to abortion clinics.”

“Everett, now a converted pro-life advocate, contends that Planned Parenthood backed sex ed instructors have been known to ‘break down the natural modesty (of students) … separate them from their parents and values, and eventually give them low-dose birth control they know they’ll get pregnant on.’”

“‘They don’t tell parents what they’re doing,’ said Everett, who oversaw roughly 35,000 abortions while managing four different abortion centers between 1977 and 1983.”

“‘We went to the schools as early as kindergarten,’ she said.”

“Ultimately, the goal is often to create a steady stream of students from public schools to abortion centers, which make millions each year from the scheme, Everett said.”

“‘It’s more deceptive than people realize,’ Everett said. ‘The abortion industry sells and re-sells their product.’”

“‘Our goal was three to five abortions per student for every student we could get.’”

Yet, John Nickerson, superintendent of the school district has tried to ease parents’ concerns by telling them that the Planned Parenthood sex education program teaches a balanced approach and gives abstinence equal importance. But I don’t think the NOISE parents are buying his statement based upon Planned Parenthood’s history.

The San Francisco area is known for being one of the most liberal places in America which could make it difficult for NOISE to recruit enough support to fight the Planned Parenthood sex education classes. Hopefully, they’ll be able to get enough concerned parents to join them and force Nickerson to send Planned Parenthood packing.

Who’s behind the sex education classes where your kids attend school? Do you have any idea what they’re being taught? Just ask yourself if you want your 12 year old daughter to learn that it’s okay to have sex and not tell you and that Planned Parenthood will help her get her 3-5 abortions by the time she graduates high school.