Planned Parenthood: Record Government Funding & Record Number of Abortions

In 2009, Barack Obama’s first year as president, Planned Parenthood received $363.2 million and performed 305,310 abortions.  Under Obama’s push to fund more baby murders, in 2012, Planned Parenthood received a record $542.4 million and murdered a record 333,964 unborn children.

From 2009 through 2011, Planned Parenthood reports that they performed 995,687 abortions.  But let’s not forget that they also killed several mothers during those abortions and that at least one doctor was reported to have decapitated a partially born baby as his abortion procedure.

Planned Parenthood and liberals try to play down their abortion role by stating that abortions only account for 3% of their business.  Still, 3% is enough to murder a million children during Obama’s reign.

But what how else are they using your tax dollars?

At the Democratic National Convention last year, Planned Parenthood handed out thousands of free condoms in pink wrappers with the warning to protect yourself from Romney and Ryan.

Under Obamacare, Planned Parenthood is planning on opening clinics near schools to provide your children with contraception and access to abortion without your knowledge and consent.

Planned Parenthood is also working with Girl Scouts of America to provide information and services to young girls about safe sex and what to do if you get an STD or pregnant without letting your parents know.

Planned Parenthood is also actively subverting parental authority.  They even have instructions for under aged girls to get an abortion without parental notification.  They have instructions on how to get around parental notification laws posted on their website.

Planned Parenthood is also setting your kids up to be targets for sexual predators.  The FBI Molester Grooming Paradigm almost reads like a Planned Parenthood educational course that is being taught in many public schools.

The bottom line is that over half a billion dollars of taxpayer money is being used to murder innocent children and mothers and to completely undermine the family unit and parental authority.  They are also setting your kids up to be likely victims of sexual predators and you may never know if they are.

There may be some redeemable aspects about Planned Parenthood, but considering all of the negative things they do and how anti-family and anti-parent and anti-baby they are, I believe that they should not receive one penny of federal money.  Furthermore, I believe they need to be shut down and run out of business.

I will continue to contact my US Senator and Congressman and demand that they defund Planned Parenthood.  I would hope and pray that you will do the same thing and encourage all of your friends and family to do the same.  We need to make the public outcry so loud that Congress will have no choice but to stop wasting money that we don’t have on such a despicable organization.