Planned Parenthood President: My Childrens’ Lives Began at Delivery

She was asked when life began. Of course, she never actually answered the question. She tried ducking it by saying that it’s not really relevant to the issue of abortion. She didn’t feel that it was really “part of this conversation.”

But when she finally divulged, she said this:

For me – I’m a mother of three children – for me, life began when I delivered them. They’ve probably been the most important thing in my life ever since. But that was my own personal decision.

But we all know that the question of when life begins is relevant to the abortion issue. In fact, it’s central. If life begins at conception, then abortion is murder, plain and simple. If life begins at delivery, then poor Kermit Gosnell is a martyr.

She just doesn’t want to admit it that life begins at conception. That would be bad for business.