Planned Parenthood is aborting Federal law

Margaret Sanger may have coined the term birth control, but it is the Internal Revenue Service that is making women’s so called “reproductive freedoms” a reality. Planned Parenthood Federation America and their President Cecile Richards are breaking federal tax law and laughing all the way to the bank.

IRS regulations prohibit 501c3 charities or not-for profits from participating in political activities yet for years Planned Parenthood Federation America has been given a pass by the IRS. The government’s incompetence never ceases to amaze me but this takes the cake. 50 million dead children and counting and nobody notices Cecile Richards’ Democratic Convention speech or regular commentary on left wing T.V. supporting Obama’s re-election?

If the government really wanted to take these characters out it’s as simple as revoking their 501c3 status. For too long abortionist profiteers have been allowed to raise tax deductible contributions under the banner of “women’s advocacy” and it’s about time the taxpayer demanded a change.

A visit to is all the proof required to make my point. Yet instead of investigating, our government gives away 500 million dollars in annual funding to these murderers pretending to be bastions of women’s health. Talk about a pocketbook issue.

In addition to their unapologetic political activism, Planned Parenthood is using tax free money to challenge a state’s right to choose who provides healthcare to low income and uninsured women. As of November 1, the Great State of Texas will no longer allow abortion services providers like Planned Parenthood or its affiliates to participate in state funded women’s health programs.

Acting in brave defiance of the Obama Administration, Texas lawmakers have turned away millions of dollars in federal healthcare subsidies and effectively removed federal meddling in the Lone star state. The new Texas program funded through Texas tax dollars excludes abortion service providers and Cecile Richards is claiming discrimination. Before one patient is seen or one abortion is prevented, Planned Parenthood is fighting to have a court ruling overturned because Texas has designed a program that doesn’t include abortion services. Oh well.

According to reports it would appear that abortion-providing charities feel entitled to unlawful protections and are using frivolous litigation to extort Texas’ compliance. Perhaps Richards should consider changing the way Planned Parenthood does business in order to better serve their Texas customer base. After all most businesses change to accommodate customer demands; they don’t sue to force their patrons to support services they don’t require or by law can’t fund.

The taxpayer funded liberal extortion mills like Planned Parenthood have formed an unholy alliance with their political benefactors and it’s the IRS’s responsibility to put an end to their political activism or revoke their charity status. Liberal women may support the “right to choose” but they can’t choose to break tax law and expect the nation to ignore it anymore.

Either tell them to shut up or show them the door, they can’t have it both ways.