Planned Parenthood Intentionally Undermines Parental Authority and Consent

Planned Parenthood is a government subsidized agency that not only murders thousands of unborn children each year, and some mothers, but they also actively work to subvert parental authority and consent laws.

In an article published in the Washington Times, they revealed that Planned Parenthood has a link on their site for under aged girls to let them know if parental consent is required for an abortion.  On their Abortion page, there is a link labeled “Parental Consent and Notification Laws.”

When the girls go to that page, they are given the information on which states require the consent of one or both parents for them to have an abortion.  Then they are given instructions on how to avoid telling their parents or getting the required parental consent:

“If you are under 18, your state may require one or both of your parents to give permission for your abortion or be told of your decision prior to the abortion. In most states with these requirements:”

  • You can ask a judge to excuse you from getting permission or telling your parent or guardian. (This is called a “judicial bypass.”)
  • A legal guardian can give permission or be notified in place of a parent.
  • If you meet legal rules showing that you are independent of the care and control of your parents or a guardian, you do not need to get their permission or notify them.

“In some states, you can be excused from involving a parent without going to a judge if you are the victim of abuse or neglect and you or your doctor report this to the appropriate authorities.”

“To find out more about the laws in your state and the judicial bypass option, contact your local Planned Parenthood health center.”

This is a deliberate attempt to undermine and subvert parental authority and the federal government subsidizes them to do so.  If you are the parent of a teenage girl and feel safe in knowing that your state has parental consent laws for teenage abortions, think twice.  Planned Parenthood does not respect or honor your legal authority over your daughter and will help her to get an abortion without you ever knowing or consenting to it.

Planned Parenthood needs to be shut down and put out of business.  Every Planned Parenthood office needs to be picketed and protested until no other teenagers enter their doors.  We need to contact our senators and congressmen and demand that the federal government stop funding this murderous and anti-family organization.