Planned Parenthood Hands out “Most Abortions” Award to Colorado Clinic?

It’s hard to tell if this is a not-so-clever ruse to make Planned Parenthood look even worse than it already does, or if the “award” was just worded poorly. A picture of the alleged award read:

“This certificate awarded to Aurora for exceeding abortion visits first half of FY12 compared to first half of FY13”

It was given in May of 2013.

So, this particular clinic in Aurora, Colorado exceeded their abortion visits in 2012 compared to 2013? Does that mean that they had fewer abortions in 2013 compared to 2012? Was this award – assuming it’s real – given because this clinic didn’t have as many abortions in 2013 as they did the previous year? If so, why would they word it the way they did?

Maybe it was a misprint. Perhaps they meant they exceeded abortion visits in 2013 compared to 2012. Or maybe the award was given for exceeding expectations the year before. Who knows.

But some people are certain this is a confirmation that Planned Parenthood maintains abortion quotas, and that these [poorly worded] awards are given to those clinics that exceed those quotas. CNS News reported:

The picture of the award was snapped by a former worker who saw it posted on a bulletin board in Denver. The board displays awards satellite clinics have earned.

The award challenged the Planned Parenthood worker’s thinking, since it showed that clinics were given abortion “quotas” to meet, and that this particular clinic had “exceeded” expectations and received an award for doing so.


Planned Parenthood had a net revenue of $1.21 billion last year, and received $540.6 million in U.S. taxpayer funding.

Abby Johnson is a former director of Planned Parenthood who’s become a pro-life activist since leaving. This was her reaction:

Ever since I left Planned Parenthood, I have been talking about the abortion quotas that are established inside abortion facilities. Many abortion supporters refused to believe it, citing that surely Planned Parenthood wants abortion to be safe, legal and RARE.  If they want something to be RARE, they certainly wouldn’t have quotas, right?

We recently had a clinic worker leave the affiliate, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. This affiliate runs the 2nd largest Planned Parenthood facility in the U.S. At this clinic in Denver, they give out various awards to their satellite clinics and post these awards on a bulletin board for everyone to see. 

When our former worker saw this award on public display, it really started to change her thinking about Planned Parenthood’s motivation. This award was given to their Aurora clinic for “exceeding abortion visits first half of fiscal year 2012 compared to first half of fiscal year 2013.”

This means that the Aurora Planned Parenthood exceeded the abortion quota that was imposed on them. And THAT is an award worthy according to Planned Parenthood.

This is one of those things based on dubious accounts, but which, if true, would not be surprising in the least.