The Plan Behind the Plan to Take Down Obamacare

Henry David Thoreau said: “Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.”

The Republicans and Democrats are in a high-stakes game at the moment. Generally speaking, Democrats hold tightly to their—let’s call them principles, for lack of a morally bereft equivalent. Republicans, on the other hand, love to pretend they have principles, then when the time comes to demonstrate those principles, stop short. Another Republican problem—and this is a serious one—is a lack of forward thinking. To execute a proper attack, one must take the time to craft backup plans, backup plans to the backup plans, and backup plans to the backup plans to the backup plans.

If we fail to look firmly forward, we will always take a fall. In the fight over the debt ceiling and the defunding/delaying of Obamacare, one Republican has truly done his homework. Senator David Vitter has a plan that, if all else fails, will hit the Democrats like an arrow. According to Breitbart:

Vitter had already insisted on a vote in the Senate over an amendment that was attached to an energy-efficiency bill that had nothing to do with Obamacare. That amendment would have forced Congress, the president, and administration appointees to give up federal subsidies they would get for their health insurance…Vitter’s plan takes the same amendment forcing the end to federal subsidies for the political class’s health insurance and attaches it to the first defunding bill that was killed and sent back to the House. Then the House passes the bill, sends it back up to the Senate, and waits for the Senate to kill it again…If the government shuts down, then, the Democrats will have forced it because they would not give up their de facto exemption from Obamacare. Vitter’s plan would show that after getting funding for every special interest they want, including Obamacare, Senate Democrats would not make a single, common-sense concession: tax dollars to insulate themselves from the very healthcare law they are forcing onto the country’s working class.”

Essentially, Senator Vitter’s plan is to use his amendment—which would stop the President and Congress from receiving Obamacare exemptions—to force the Democrats into a corner. When Vitter’s amendment comes forward—if the Democrats have gotten everything they wanted, including full funding of Obamacare—they cannot vote against it without revealing just how vile and hypocritical they are.

Ideally, it would be a win-win situation. If the Democrats vote to nix their Obamacare exemptions, they will suffer with the rest of us. If they vote to keep their exemptions, they have no exit. The Democrats will do their best to slither out of their unfortunate situation, but the votes will tell the story. The alternate media can latch on and take the Democrats down.

This is all highly optimistic on my part, I’m aware. However, that’s the point of preparation. In the event that the defunding fails, and the delay fails, we must have a plan to attack from a different angle. Senator Vitter has done that.

We must remain optimistic, even in the most dire straits. If we plan to fail, we will never succeed. Even if success is achieved, it would be a stroke of luck, not a principled victory. We have Senators and Representatives doing everything they can to take Obamacare down, and it’s only appropriate to appreciate their efforts by making our own. Call your Senators—even if they’re Democrats. The fight to take out Obamacare isn’t just fought on Capital Hill, it’s fought in every state, county, and home.

I’m impressed by Senator Vitter’s forward thinking, as well as Ted Cruz’s overall efforts. We need more like them.