Piers Morgan: “Call All Mass Shootings in America ‘Muslim Terror Attacks’ – Then Republicans Would Pass Gun Laws”

Remember Piers Morgan? Yeah, I don’t either. Apparently, he’s some writer for the UK’s Daily Mail.

I think the only people who would hesitate using the label “Muslim terror attack” are liberal Democrats. Pretty much everyone in the GOP is just fine using that phrase. Bretibart reported:

On December 3, Daily Mail columnist Piers Morgan reacted to the San Bernardino shooting by suggesting everyone should call it a “Muslim Terror Attack” in hopes that doing so will cause the GOP to finally give in and pass more gun control.

Ironically, a lot of people are already calling it a “Muslim Terror Attack” but not because Piers Morgan suggested it. Rather, they are doing so because of gunman Syed Farook’s Muslim roots. Fox News reported that Farook’s father described him as a “devout Muslim.”

Nonetheless, Piers Morgan believes using the moniker “Muslim Terror Attacks” will result in more gun control. He tweeted: “Let’s call ALL mass shootings in America ‘Muslim terror attacks’ – then Republicans would pass gun laws.”

So how would using that phrase convince the GOP to pass more gun control laws? I have no idea. It doesn’t matter who perpetrated the attack, whether it was a crazy, white autistic kid, or an angry Muslim. The murderer’s race, religion, and ethnic origin are irrelevant.

Pushing gun control after a shooting like the one in San Bernardino is going to be a really hard sell, particularly because everyone knows California is a state with already strict gun control laws. And everyone sees that they didn’t do anything to stop the shooting from happening.