Piers Morgan: “Angry, Belligerent, Threatening Gun Nuts” To Blame for School Shootings

I don’t get the idea of commemorating a day which saw the slaughtering of a bunch of kids and teachers. But, then again, we’re talking about liberals here. Gun-grabbers had been waiting for something like Sandy Hook for a long time. Aurora had happened the previous summer, but having a bunch of dead children was a much more effective emotional springboard for gutting the 2nd Amendment.

Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro once accused Piers Morgan of standing on the graves of the Sandy Hook victims. I think gun-grabbers were not just standing on their graves, but were dancing on them. It was the perfect crisis, which liberals would not have dared let go to waste.

And yet, for all their propaganda efforts, their appeals to emotion, their using of children and the victims’ families, they still weren’t able to accomplish what they had intended. Their gun control marketing efforts backfired into a nationwide slew of pro-gun legislation in the midst of relatively few gun control laws. It would have been better for them had they not oversensationalized Sandy Hook and Aurora. But they couldn’t help themselves. And they needed the ratings. (Their ratings had already been suffering a slow decline, and they still are.)

On the eve of the Sandy Hook shooting “anniversary,” Piers Morgan took to Twitter to voice his outrage over the latest school shooting in Colorado and for the fact that we haven’t “done anything” about guns in this country. He tweeted the following (taken from The Blaze):

  • BREAKING NEWS: On the eve of Sandy Hook massacre – another school shooting, in Colorado. Several students reported injured.
  • Why is anyone surprised by more school shootings in America? Absolutely nothing has been done to prevent them since Sandy Hook.
  • Colorado is, of course, where they’ve spent the last few months throwing out politicians who had the audacity to advocate gun control.
  • Gun nuts out in force on here again tonight. Angry, belligerent, threatening – the very people, ironically, who should never have guns.
  • The 1st priority of any country should be to protect its children. America’s refusal to do anything about guns since Newtown is shameful.
  • As usual, the only suggestion put forward by the gun lobby to counter school shootings is…MORE GUNS! Ker-ching.
  • No, I’m not ‘anti-American’ re guns. The opposite in fact.. I want more Americans to stay alive.

I know I’ll be beating a dead horse here, but banning “assault weapons,” mandating universal background checks, prohibiting “high-capacity” magazines, or outlawing gun shows, don’t keep criminals from being criminals. In general, the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.