Physics Professor Offers $10,000 Reward to Anyone who can “Disprove” Manmade Global Warming

This is sort of like asking an Atheist to disprove the existence of God. The “new” Atheists of today are quick to point out that they’ve never held that they can prove that God doesn’t exist. They argue that there simply isn’t any evidence of His existence. They would argue that the burden of proof is on the Theist, not the Atheist. It’s very similar to manmade global warming. The burden of proof is, has always been, and will always be on the alarmists themselves. The so-called deniers aren’t the ones who need to somehow prove that there’s no connection between carbon emissions and the global climate, or that global warming is a real phenomenon. The alarmists are the ones who need to prove that there really is a connection. The only way they can “prove” this connection is by begging the question and fabricating data to exaggerate numbers. Nevertheless, a physics professor has offered a reward of $10,000 to anyone who can disprove the theory of manmade global warming. The Blaze reported:

A physics professor is so fed up with the claims made by “climate change deniers” that he has launched a “$10,000 Global Warming Skeptic Challenge.”

The challenge issued by Dr. Christopher Keating, a professor who previously taught at the University of South Dakota and the U.S. Naval Academy, according to a news release, will award prize money to anyone who uses the scientific method to prove that human activity has not been a factor leading to climate change.

Keating, who published the e-book “Undeniable: Dialogues on Global Warming,” wrote on his blog that he would be the final judge of any entries and would provide his comments “on why any entry fails to prove the point.”

“I know you are not going to get rich with $10,000. But, tell me, wouldn’t you like to have a spare $10,000? After all, the skeptics all claim it is a simple matter, and it doesn’t even have to be original,” Keating wrote. “If it is so easy, just cut and paste the proof from somewhere. Provide the scientific evidence and prove your point and the $10,000 is yours!

“This is no joke. If someone can provide a proof that I can’t refute, using scientific evidence, then I will write them a check.”

Keating admitted his bias though, writing that he is sure he will never have to whip out his checkbook “because it can’t be proven.”

“The scientific evidence for global warming is overwhelming and no one can prove otherwise,” Keating said.


In addition to the $10,000 challenge, Keating also issued a lesser $1,000 challenge for anyone who could provide “valid scientific evidence indicating man-made global warming is not real.” This latter challenge isn’t to disprove man-made global warming but just evidence against it.

Keating refuted his first submission, saying it was disqualified from the $10,000 prize by not being a scientific proof. It failed the second challenge because Keating said it used “cherry-picked” data.

To his second submission, Keating ultimately decided that while he couldn’t refute any of the work from the scientist featured in the entry, but he did contest that it showed man-made global warming wasn’t real. Basically, Keating argued that just because historical evidence shows climate change occurred naturally “does not detract at all from the data that shows we have changed the climate today with our emissions.”

All in all, Keating accused “the climate deniers of today” of waging a campaign “very similar to the one waged by tobacco advocates to deny a link between smoking and lung cancer.”

Of course, he will never award that money to anyone, because he’s not interested in a scientific dialogue. He’s already made up his mind. His first premise is that human activity is making the world hotter, which presupposes that the world is getting hotter in the first place. So, naturally, for any evidence showing that the world has been warmer in the past before carbon emissions were supposedly an issue, he’ll claim that the data’s been “cherry-picked.” He’d say the same thing if you show that there’s been a relative hiatus in warming for the past decade and a half or more despite record carbon emissions. There’s nothing you can do. I doubt he even has $10,000 to throw around like that anyway.