Phoniest Former Republican Ever, Charlie Crist, Left GOP for Their Racism

If ever there was a political opportunist, that man is Charlie Crist, former governor of Florida. His motto is essentially, “What do you believe? That’s what I believe too!” He has no conviction to stick to a position. He is the definition of slime.

You may recall that Crist decided against running for re-election in 2010 to vie instead for a Senate seat. He was the frontrunner in the Republican primary, but then a Marco Rubio gained traction and Crist trailed in the polls ever after.

Realizing that there wasn’t a chance he’d win the Republican nomination, he left the Republican Party to run as an unaffiliated candidate. But he still lost, thankfully.

And then in 2012, Crist officially joined the Democratic Party and spoke at the Democratic National Convention, held not just to re-nominate, but to glorify President Obama. Crist endorsed him.

Well, Crist is one of those politicians who, much like Vice President Biden, doesn’t know how not to be on the government’s payroll. Desperate to avoid working in the private sector, he is now challenging incumbent Gov. Rick Scott for the 2014 gubernatorial election.

He gave an interview on Tuesday with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, who interviewed Crist in such a way that no Democrat ever is by anyone outside of Fox News, which is to say that Ramos challenged him.

“You left the Republican Party because you were going to lose to Marco Rubio,” said Ramos, pointing out the obvious.

“I left the Republican Party because Republican leadership went off the cliff. I mean, they’re so hard-right now, they won’t cooperate with the president on anything.”

Crist seems to want Obama to be a dictator even more than Obama does. Cooperation with the president is not Congress’s job. Cooperation with the will of the people is. (Also, quit whining. Obama has it good. He’s the freakin’ president, he doesn’t need sympathy.)

When Ramos further pressed and insisted that Crist changed parties from Republican to non-affiliation to avoid losing the Republican nomination to Rubio, Crist said, “No, it was because I couldn’t be consistent with myself and my core beliefs and stay with a party that was so unfriendly toward the African-American president—I’ll just go there.”

Ooh, edgy, he went there! People never go there! Everybody is usually too afraid to call Republicans racist, but not Crist. He goes there!

“I saw how the party, some of them, were treating the African-American president, and I couldn’t take it anymore.”

Crist is a principled man, you see. He only changed his positions on the issues in order not to disagree with “the African-American.” He didn’t want to seem racist, because being a racist is the worst possible thing anybody could ever be, ever, ever.

Crist said he “always felt like a round peg in a square hole,” but that “now that I’m liberated as a democrat, my true soul is able to be seen.”

What he’s saying here is that when he was a Republican, he was lying that whole time about what he believed. But now he’s decided to be honest about what he believes, and so you can definitely trust him to be the next governor of Florida.