Pharmacist Fatally Shoots Armed Robber

An armed robber entered a West Virginia pharmacy mid-morning and pulled a gun on the pharmacist. Instead of putting his hands up and trying to find an opportunity to call 911 and then wait patiently for the police to show up, the pharmacist responded by pulling his own gun and shooting the guy twice in the chest, putting him in critical condition. The pharmacy staff took live-saving measures on the robber while they waited for police. The man later died at the hospital. The Daily Caller reported:

A pharmacist in Pinch, W.V. gave a would-be robber a taste of his own medicine Wednesday morning.

Police say the suspect entered the Good Family Pharmacy shortly before 10 a.m. After he pulled out a gun, the pharmacist pulled out his own and opened fire.

According to a reporter at Charleston’s WCHS, the pharmacist shot the man twice. He was hit in the chest and is currently in serious condition.

“Everybody is okay except the robber. He’s not okay,” the pharmacy owner said, according to West Virginia Metro News.


Police told WSAZ that they have no plans as of now to charge the pharmacist since he appears to have acted in self-defense.

According to WSAZ, the man died from his gunshot wounds:

Who knows what the robber wanted, whether it was prescription drugs or money. But anytime a criminal tries to force someone else like this pharmacist to give up anything at gunpoint, he’s asking for trouble. This is yet another case showing the importance of businesses and their employees being allowed to carry a concealed self-defense weapon.