Peter King Shows GOP Desperate For Anything To Avoid Rand Paul Win

Peter King, a Republican congressman from New York state, claims that “people” have asked him to consider running for the Presidency in 2016.

If that is true, then we see desperation running wild among establishment Republicans. What else could drive anyone to place their hopes in such a big-mouthed, untelegenic, mean, pompous candidate? The best sense I can make from it is that someone is spreading money to get GOP candidates who will make Jeb Bush appear moderate. That would be an interesting scenario. Would Jeb promise a “humble” foreign policy throughout his campaign to try to siphon off the Rand Paul or Ted Cruz vote? If so, I doubt it would work.

If you have time to watch the embedded video, please do. As far as I can tell, when the name of Hillary Clinton comes up, King blushes with admiration and can’t tell his audience fast enough that he has “worked closely with her.” One might suspect that he is still doing so precisely by the answers he gives in the interview.

This animosity against Rand Paul and Ted Cruz on the part of Peter King seems to be virtually his entire identity. As you can see from the video below, he can’t say enough about how dangerous they are to national security.

I believe Peter King is sincere when he claims to believe that Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are dangerous. What I don’t believe is that Peter King is as certain as he claims to be that Hillary would “cream” Rand Paul. In fact, I think there is a nightmare lurking in the mainstream Democrat/GOP combine that, if Rand Paul were to gain the nomination, we would see the end of the mega-government consensus that has been in force from the time of the New Deal and World War II.

Remember, Democrats won in 2008 on the basis of hatred of the Bush wars and blaming him for the economy. In 2012, it turned out that a Wall Street name like Romney, who was just as emphatic about supporting terrorists in Syria as Obama was, didn’t swing enough votes. Polls showed voters still blamed Bush for the economy. The Obama/Romney debates over foreign policy looked like two people desperately searching for an excuse to claim the other one was different.

That would all be over if it came down to Hillary v. Paul. We would have a bona fide free market candidate who would want to reign in big government whether in the form of drones, sponsoring terrorists, or bailing out big banks. Hillary would represent the establishment and Rand would speak for the constitutional Republic. Even if Paul didn’t win, it would be a watershed moment. We would have a choice that wasn’t just Leviathan 1 and Leviathan 2. That hasn’t happened in many decades.

That is why Jonah Goldberg and other “conservatives” are working as hard as they can to discredit Rand Paul as 2016 approaches. The venom is already being spit out at him. Get ready for a poison flood.