Peter King & Other Republican Cowards Couldn’t Care Less About Us

Benjamin Franklin said: “Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one.”

According to Breitbart:

Rep. Peter King is charging that tea party-backed members of the House Republican Caucus are trying to ‘hijack the party.’ The New York Republican says he senses that increasing numbers of House Republicans—perhaps as many as a hundred—are growing weary of ‘the Ted Cruz wing of the party.'”

In addition to the King quote, Breitbart is reporting that Politico is pulling no punches when it comes to its latest attack on Senator Ted Cruz. The website is once again citing “anonymous” sources within the GOP to rail on Cruz. Politico is claiming that angry Republican Senators are berating Cruz, demanding a solution to the debt ceiling/Obamacare crisis, for which Cruz apparently has no answer.

We have several possibilities here. One being that Politico is simply lying about the “quotes.” I’d like to believe that, but I cannot. The more likely scenario is that many in the GOP really do hate Cruz, and they want every opportunity to rail against him. This is truly heinous. Are Republicans so cowardly that they must take to Politico to anonymously air their grievances against Cruz? In addition to that, what is Peter King accomplishing by lambasting Cruz so publicly?

This growing faction of Cruz-hating Republicans represents the old guard of the Party. They represent the stale, greedy, go-with-the-flow nature of politics. They represent stagnation. Ted Cruz is reigniting the fire given to representatives by the people. The American people hand their torch over to their Congressmen. In each representative lies the power of millions of Americans.

The old guard hates shiny new things. They want everything to stay the same. They don’t want to rock the boat. But rocking the boat is the point of representation. The gray-beard Republicans want to squash the Tea Party, and Peter King is one of their loudest spokespeople.

The answers to my earlier questions are not complex. Yes, the Republicans are cowardly. They don’t want to get their hands dirty by insulting someone who is so popular with the American people. They know this, so they make anonymous comments. That way, they can look like they actually care about the American people, even though they couldn’t care less. It solves both of their problems: they can get rid of the real Conservatives, and look like nice guys in the process.

And what does Peter King gain? He gains notoriety. He may have Presidential ambitions, or he may just like the spotlight; regardless, by speaking out against Cruz and the Tea Party, he gets his fifteen minutes of fame. He’s a fame whore.

No matter what the Democrats do, no matter what the Republicans do—even in cahoots—nothing can stop this train. The American people are waking up, and we want our voices heard.