PETA’s Ethical Treatment: Slaughter Thousands Of Cats And Dogs

Pets are people too, according to PETA, and it seems they’ve learned a great deal from abortion propaganda. If they can’t take care of the animals they claim to care so much about, the only compassionate thing to do is kill them. Just like the abortion supporters who want to prevent an unborn child from growing up in this cold, dark and cruel world. That’s what they call “ethical treatment.”

They’ll talk a lot about saving the animals, and they’ll go to ridiculous lengths in their own advertisements to convince people not to wear fur. So, a reasonable person might expect to find PETA shelters filled to the brim with animals and employees working overtime to care for them. But that’s hardly reality.

PETA might use hidden cameras and undercover agents to help make a documentary about the horrific conditions of mass slaughterhouses in order to garner more donations from emotionally naïve individuals and pseudo-philanthropic, public image-obsessed Hollywood actors. And their own motto is, “Animals are not ours to eat, experiment on, or use for entertainment.” But, apparently they are theirs to kill if they can’t take care of them. The truth is, PETA shelters are really nothing more than slaughterhouses themselves.

Since 1998, PETA has slaughtered over 31,000 animals. The Daily Mail reported on how many animals PETA ethically slaughtered last year at their Norfolk, Virginia headquarters:

PETA killed 1,792 cats and dogs, an average of 5 per day. The 1,792 figure represents 82 percent of all animals PETA took into its shelter throughout the year.

Plush with a $36 million annual budget and the backing of celebrities and Hollywood types, PETA maintains that they have to kill these animals because of their age and aggressive natures. They claim they’re “unadoptable.” So, the vast majority of them are slaughtered.

PETA doesn’t even have a sufficient number of animal enclosures to house the number of animals they reportedly take in. They don’t even try to take care of these poor and abused animals.

It’s not that I love animals so much that I don’t want them to die. They have to die in order for us to enjoy them for dinner. It’s PETA’s blatant hypocrisy that is repulsive. They’re just a money-making venture that profits by playing on people’s emotions. And that pretty much describes every other liberal organization.