Penguin Population Increasing Despite Warmists’ Dire Predictions

Polar bears and Penguins are mascots of sorts for manmade global warming. Climate alarmists use pictures of these animals to tug at naïve Americans’ heartstrings to convince them that we need to do something about the climate. If we allow the Earth to continue to heat up at its current alarming rate, all the ice is going to melt, and all the cute polar bears and penguins are going to die. At that point, there will be no point in living anymore.

Unfortunately for the global warming evangelists, polar bears aren’t dying off. And neither are the penguins. In fact, both populations seem to be doing just fine, even increasing their numbers despite all the dire predictions peddled by Al Gore and Company.

According to a recent study, the penguin population is booming. The Daily Caller reported:

The global population of penguins has boomed in the last 20 years, despite warnings from environmentalists that penguin numbers would dwindle as global warming melted the polar ice caps.

New reports, however, show these predictions were wrong. The latest reports indicate the number of pairs of Adélie Penguins have increased 53 percent in the last 20 years and the total pairs of Emperor Penguins have increased between 36 and 76 percent during the same time.

A census done by US researchers shows the Adélie Penguin “breeding population 53% larger (3.79 million breeding pairs) than the last estimate in 1993.” The global census was published earlier this month by the American Ornithologists’ Union.

The census also adds that “Adelie Penguin declines on the Antarctic Peninsula are more than offset by increases in East Antarctica.” Eastern Antarctica has seen huge increases in sea ice coverage, which provide food for penguin colonies in the south pole.

A similar trend has occurred among Emperor Penguins, who have seen their global population grow from between 135,000–175,000 pairs two decades ago to about 238,000 pairs in 2009. A population census published in 2012 used satellite imagery to find “four new colonies and confirmed the location of three previously suspected sites giving a total number of emperor penguin breeding colonies of 46.”

Liberals of course will either ignore these facts, or they’ll claim they don’t matter. After all, just because penguin and polar bear populations are doing fine, doesn’t prove that global warming isn’t happening. True. But it does prove that warming fanatics have no choice but to throw out an appeal to emotions in order to get people on their side. And in this case, their emotional appeal is completely unwarranted, because the animal populations are multiplying just fine.